[Previously] Sumo Time with BEST Al Yousifi

December 1, 2011  |  Events, Previously

Just a short recap, I’ve been posting about events I attended in a short series I’d like to call “Previously” I hope to be wrapped up with all of them during the week so I can move on to bigger fish to fry.

Who: BEST Al Yousifi

What: Grand Re-opening of Al Rai Branch with SUMO

When: October 30,2011 evening time

Where: Al Rai Branch next to Lulu Hypermarket

What Happened:

So previously BEST Al Yousifi invited the female bloggers to get to know us, but that was not the only thing the meeting was about, it was mostly an invitation to their grand opening of their new showroom in Al Rai right next to Lulu Hypermarket.

What was special about this event was that they had flown in a Japanese Sumo wrestler “Yama” for the opening and everyone was in awe of how big he was (but for me I felt he was an okay size maybe I’ve been desensitized by modern day television, he weighed more than 300KG).  I was welcomed by the lovely Ms. Amtar and the marketing team where I was given my name badge and given a quick tour of the place before heading to the temporary location where the bloggers were waiting until our numbers were full.  When there were quite a few of us there, Mr. Abdulaziz Al Yousifi, the President of BEST Al Yousifi welcomed us and gave us a little history about the place and asked for our opinions.  Later on we were shown back into the showroom to meet with the Sumo Wrestler.

Everyone was lining up to take pictures with him while a few of our blogger friends attempted to tackle him and bring him down. Unfortunately no one was able to unseat him as the victor.  The awesome thing about the pictures was that BEST was printing out the pictures taken with their photographer and giving them out to the Bloggers instantly (Gosh I miss the good ol’ days of instant photography you would have hard copies of your pictures to look at whenever you want!)

After the pictures we were given a tour in their store which was recently expanded and re-opened for customers making it the largest electronics store in Kuwait! This was my very first time to visit a BEST Al Yousifi store and I must say that I really enjoyed the visit.

Thanks to Ms. Amtar Suhail and the marketing team at BEST Al Yousifi, it was a lovely event and may you have many more successful store openings. And thanks for the gifts as well!

P.S. I’ve been there so far 4 times and counting! I like to spend my salary on electronics! :P

P.P.S. The largest TV was there which was 152″ and was being sold for 183,000KD the price of a house really.  I wonder who would buy that!

P.P.P.S. My ultimate best coverage of the event was at 7ajiDude’s Blog [Link] and PinkGirlQ8’s Blog [Link]

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  1. That dude was a huge and bulky, no one could even more him a step :p

  2. BananaQ8 : Maybe you guys were weak :P Just kidding! :P