Happy Birthday To Me!

December 4, 2011  |  Birthday

It’s official, it’s December 4th again which means I am another year older! I can’t believe it, well wait scratch that I should believe it because we get birthdays every year! I feel so blessed to be around friends and family at this time and I consider most of my blog readers, heck all of you as my friends and family.

This year I got to turn the big 2-8! But technically I’m still 18 years old and I am still as young as ever! Age is nothing but a number right? :P Not only am I smarter, wiser, and amazing-er! I am lovely the changes that happened to me during this year whether they were good or bad I still loved every bit of drama and happiness that happened this year.  Most of all, I love that I have a passion for what I do right now and even if it is just a part-time gig (might even turn it into full time or find something in the same area!) Telling people what to read and imparting them with my wisdom is one of my awesomest features and so if I get paid doing that, then so be it!

 Just minutes after I was born, this snapshot was taken, my parents were shocked that I was their child! :P

I was looking through my previous posts, the best thing about having a blog is that you document such beautiful days and well I have 8 years worth of archives! I decided to share with you guys some quotes of different birthday posts.

On December 4, 2004




On December 4, 2005 [Celebration Part 1, Part 2]

Truly, it’s been a great day today so far and it keeps getting better! I guess this would be my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I can’t remember another one I felt this great in it!

On December 4, 2006 [The Celebration]

Another year passed by… today the 4th of December marks the day that I was born into this world. Some might love the fact that I exist and some might dread that fact and wish that I was never born, but to those who are mean spirited and such all I can say is “Hahahahaha I’m here and you can’t do nothing about it!”

On December 4, 2007

I am ancient now, so I leave you with a picture of when I was in my golden years.  Yes I used to be gold, no really, I’m gold.

On December 4, 2008

I want to wish myself a happy birthday and sing to myself but I think I can sing internally.  Now let me browse for that passport of mine, I want to travel on my birthday (which is not happening really but imaginative) Anywho Happy Birthday Me! I hope me 25th year is better than me 24th. Tee he he he he he :P Oh and this picture just made my week hehe and I had to put it up ;)

On December 4, 2009 [In Reflection]

So, as you get older I believe your birthday parties seem to lose all their glamour that is if you have any or if anyone remembers you.  I’ve been shocked this birthday because at midnight I had nothing not even one SMS, Phone Call, Tweet, Email, Anything at all from anyone, well anyone except Daddy because I am Daddy’s favorite (yes Dee and Nee I am dad’s favorite and you better believe it!)  Seriously I love my Daddy and Mommy and sisters (yes Shwaish I said Mommy, it’s weird sometimes but maybe as we get older things might just might look a little brighter sometimes?)

On December 4, 2010

I made it to 27 and I’m still alive and kickin’! That’s a good sign regardless of whatever is out there I am still alive, in good health, with loving parents, family and friends around me, and in as good a shape as I can be with all my gadgets!  I got my inner gadget wishes come true! All that’s left is my emotional/head wishes wooohoo!

On December 4, 2011

And this year there is no celebration yet as well I guess I got older maybe next week, the only thing that was awesome though is that my Aunt baked me some amazing cupcakes in which I had some yummy ones!

I would like to express thanks to God Almighty for giving me these wonderful years and surrounding me with awesome family and friends.  Thank you for the good health (as good as I’ve got really) and thanks for my inner peace.  Thank you to every person in my past, present and future, you guys truly mean the world to me and I appreciate every one of you!


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  1. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I love you to pieces & hope you celebrate another 100 years!

  2. Happy Birthday sis! Now rest and enjoy your day when you wake up! ;p

  3. Happy Haaappy Birthday! have a great one x

  4. Happy Birthday Jacqui!

    enjoy it!

  5. Happy birthday to you & Happy birthday to ME! We share the same Birthday :D
    Just turned 23. It feels so… old. I’m not gonna celebrate aging. That’s stupid. However, I’m grateful for making it this far with Allah on my side every step of the way.

  6. Happy Birthday Jacqui
    it’s my sister birthday too ;)


  8. Happy Birthday to yooooooou .. This is your daaaaaaaaay!
    Happy Birthday to yooooooou .. you still young
    Age is just a number .. don’t you stop having fun :-p

    kol sana wenty 6ayebaa ya 7agaa o 3o2bal el 3omr kolo ya5ty!!

  9. HBD sis w 38bal 10000000000000 snah :)

  10. Loved those baby pics of you so cuteeeee :) Mashallah you were blogging for 8 years this is amazing, you have inspired many (mylsef included), thanks for your dedication and efforts, thanks for being a great blogger and above all a truthful friend dear.

    Wish you a HAPPY 28 :) always stay young !

  11. HBD to u :*

  12. Happy Happy Happy Birthday … i wish all the best … your a good heart person … really i wish all the best in all the upcoming year .. 3asa alah yakteeblich feeha keeeel khair

  13. HBD .. KL 3AM W ENTY B-5AIR XD

  14. Happy belated birthdaaay Jacqui :***
    I know 2 other people born on the 4th and 4 people born on the 3rd of December! Such a busy month!

  15. So how many Apple Gadgets did you get? :P JK

    Happy Birthday from all of us !

  16. I can’t believe I missed this post even though I visited your site after your BDay. lol I loved the annual BDay quotes- pretty cool :**

  17. *faints*

    how come i didnt see this post?! how come im the last one to comment? *shame on u Swera*

    Happyyyyyyy Birthdaaaaaaaaay Jujuti :******* me lafs ya <3

  18. Thank you every single person for commenting and wishing me a Happy Birthday whether it was on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or through the blog I really really appreciate it and love it with all my heart!!

    ananyah : Thanks pumpkin o enshalla next year you will be here with me :P

    Ahmed Al Musallam : Thanks dear! :D

    Mohammad : Aww thanks :D

    Toomzie : Thanks sweetie :D

    Burziga : Aww thanks dear :D I did!

    Anon-Guest : Hehehehe aww Happy Birthday to you too! And that’s cool we share the same birthdate but not the same year hehe :P I’m 18 :P *jk* hehe hope you had a good day!

    نزهاويه : Thanks dear and Happy Birthday to your sister!

    3baid : Awww how did you know I used to go by the name Jacqueline :P

    El PaDRiNo Q8 : Aww thanks dear hehe and yeah I know I’m still young! :P

    Hamad : Aww thanks dear :D

    BananaQ8 : Aww thanks dear! It’s a shame most people haven’t realized that I’ve been doing this for quite a while hehe you newcomers have taken the spotlight and we’re just the grandpas/grandmas of blogging :P But thanks again!

    MemoOOOooOoJB : Thanks sweetie! :D

    Rainy : Aww 7ayate walla thanks and thank you so much for your lovely gift!

    Amu : Thanks dude!

    UcF : Aww thanks dear :D

    Summer : Hehehe yeah December is always the busiest month in terms of birthdays :P

    7ajidude : Hehehe thanks love and I did get 1 after you commented it was awesome!

    Miss Good Egg : Hehehe it’s okay thanks love :*

    swera : Hehehehe it’s okay hehehe you saved the best for last and thanks love :****