This Year’s Birthday Wishlist

December 5, 2011  |  Birthday, Wishlist

This year it was quite different when it came to what I wanted for my birthday, I started acquiring most of what I wanted earlier this year therefore my wishlist was quite long but awesome! I will list the items I wanted and share some images with you guys.  I would like to thank Papa and Mama though for being the main providers for most of the items on the list and well myself because I too like to spoil myself most of the time.  And I would like to thank my lovely sisters for their spoiling!  These are the items that I wanted and got.


1. Apple iPhone 4S [Acquired: Thanks Daddy]

2. Apple iPad 2 [Acquired: Thanks Daddy&Mommy]

3. Apple MacBook Pro 17″ [Acquired: Thanks Daddy&Me]

4. Apple Cinema Display 27″ [Acquired: Thanks Daddy]

5. “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson [Acquired: Thanks Me]

6. Pirates of Silicon Valley (DVD) [Acquired: Thanks Me]

7. Olloclip for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S [Acquired: Thanks Me]

8. Holga Case for iPhone 4S [Acquired: Thanks Me]

9. Customized Case-Maste iPhone Cases [Acquired: Thanks Daddy]

10. Customized Gelaskins [Acquired: Thanks Daddy]

11. Amazon Kindle Fire [Acquired: Thanks Me]

12. D&G TV Watch [Acquired: Thanks Me]

13. Arrested Development (Season 1 – 3) [Acquired: Thanks Me]

14. The Tudors (Season 1 – 4) [Acquired: Thanks Me]

15. Dexter (Season 1 – 5) [Acquired: Thanks Me]

16. The Vampire Diaries (Season 2) [Acquired: Thanks Sisters]

17. Polaroid Z340 [Acquired: Thanks Sisters]

18. FujiFilm Instax 210 [Acquired: Thanks Me]

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  1. before I used to pity ur Papa maskeen bs now im pitying the whole family lol :P

    3aleeeeeeech eb alf alf 3afia Jujuuuuu :* testahleen kel 5er o enjoy them to the max ;)

  2. happy BirthDay Jacqui :D as i can see above i think all your wishes is comes true this year ;) so i wish you happy endless life :D
    we ya rab daymaaan be khaaair we sa3aada :D

  3. Happy birthday J :)

  4. glad you recieved some of them and hope u get the rest :D

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you get them all for your birthday! If not, maybe for Christmas!

  6. My birthday wish present for 2012 is an IPhone…I’m beginning to hate blackberries

  7. swera : Hehehe thanks 7ayate and yeah it’s crazy sometimes I’m high maintenance :P

    Mo : Hehehe thanks dear! Well that’s the wishlist I wanted and seeked to get but there is another list which remains hidden :P

    Vixen : Thanks sweetie!

    noon : Hope so too! :P

    JonathanN : <Thanks dear and hope so as well!

    A7madany : Aww you totally should get an iPhone.. Blackberries are stupid!