[Exclusive] Zain iPhone 4S Pre-Orders

December 8, 2011  |  Apple, Gadget Deals, Hot, I want.., Shout Outs

I just got some amazing news a few minutes ago from my friends at Zain! (They have become my friends their amazing Social Media Team is nothing but the friendliest, helpful bunch) Anyways this is the first you will ever hear about it and it is coming to you exclusively on Couch Avenue!!! [P.S. This is the best news ever!]

Anyways, Zain will be launching the iPhone 4S very very soon and you can now pre-order it through their website.  So hurry up and place your orders!

Note: Filling out the form will allow you to reserve your iPhone 4S, you can select the model you need and you will be able to pick up the phone after its release.  Only one pre-order is permitted per phone number.  All mobile numbers are accepted.

Thanks to Mohammed & the Zain Social Media Team for giving me the exclusive!

What are you waiting for! Go go go go!!!!!


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