Happy Holidays!

December 25, 2011  |  Family, Food, Holidays, My Life

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Joyous Kwaanzaa!

To each and everyone of you who celebrates these holidays I wish you a merry time and may all your hopes, wishes, and dreams come true!

I personally had a lovely holiday lunch on Christmas Eve (although I am a Muslim) my family just loves the amazing food that the joyous holiday brings! We had an awesome amazing spread which I feasted upon!

After that lunch I was insanely full! But you have to admit that it was absolutely DELICIOUS!

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  1. Happy Holidays sweetheart. Next time I’m having lunch with your family! These pics are killer *Drools*

  2. hehe Happy Holidays dear :***

  3. el akeel eshaweg…… <3
    even though im late, im still gonna say

  4. Nunu-San : Hehehe 7ayach :P We have them once a year :P

    swera : Thanks love! :*

    Q8iyaDownUnder : Hehehe thanks and you’re not late :P

  5. Happy holidays
    drooling a turkey since ages, 3laikom bl3afya :)

  6. Abdul-Aziz : Thanks and yeah it was absolutely DELICIOUS!