I Got Braces

December 27, 2011  |  Health, My Life

I got braces on December 25th and they are painful! Not like scream your head off pain (I can still handle it) but they are painful the pressure you feel on your teeth is unbelievable.  Not to mention touching the back of your teeth with your tongue = total horrifying pain! Seriously you feel a sharp pain shoot through you.

I currently feel as if someone punched me in the nose because the pain extends to there as well :/ But the path to having a “Hollywood Smile” has to be painful or else you will get lazy and not appreciate it, right?

So, on December 25th I headed to Bayan Dental to meet up with Dr. Sharma.  Based on my sister and friends previous experiences I was told that I would probably just get measured at that appointment and then be called in to get them installed later.  Sadly enough that wasn’t the case and I was a nervous wreck, even the dental hygienist noticed it hehe.

You see, Dr. Sharma is unlike the old dentists or some of the recent practicing ones.  He does not need to take a mold of your teeth to determine a treatment plan.  All he needs is what was done to me during that visit.  A profile X-ray and a full dental X-ray.  Then he takes pictures of the insides of your mouth and teeth (yes my teeth felt as if they were having a Playboy photo shoot for some reason :/) And that was about it.  He then proceeded to put on the braces which wasn’t painful, the most painful thing was the inserting of the wire.

I was given a mirror to check out what he was doing, I saw the first step which was placing the glue but then put it down and closed my eyes.  He asked me if I wanted to see and I mumbled a “No” (really they like to strike up a conversation with your mouth wide open like that :/) And even the hygienist asked and I declined.  You see if I don’t see what’s going on then I won’t freak out even more therefore I choose to ignore what is happening around me and wait until the end result.

So in the end, I gots me some braces which should be taken off in about a year and 2 months.  It should fix my “deep over bite” and give me a perfect smile, not to mention bring back my chin! I was checking some online pictures of deep over bites and when the jaw aligns itself correctly then your face structure changes completely. [They are clear ceramic ones like the above and so far on my upper teeth until they get fixed first.]

Today is kind of Day 3 now and I have lost 1 kilo since I can’t eat anything.  Putting a spoon near my teeth is painful, I roll some mashed potato in my hand and throw it in my mouth (not really but you get the picture).  Oh well here is hoping the painful stage moves away soon!

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  1. I can say one thing..

  2. show me ur BRACEZZZZZZZZZZZZ :D

  3. SEE i told ya it could be an easy diet (everyone i know who used braces lost weight)
    good luck J
    ohh one more thing, i always make conversations with dentists while my mouth is wide open but they always end up covered with my spitting like a machine gun LOL

  4. Wohooooooo! FINALLY!

    Girl… you really needed those braces. Not only will your teeth be beautiful but your entire facial features will change. My mouth and lips look way better than they did 2 years back and my parents swear that even my nose has shrunk in size accordingly!

    My orthodontist didn’t need to do the mold thing either! He just took some x-rays, used some computer thing and a camera attached to it et voila! I had braces just like that! Ceramic ones on top first for the first few months then the bottom braces followed and by then I was used to them. I can’t wait for 16 January to remove my braces once and for all… I’ve had them for 1 year and ten months come January!!!

    I am thinking of filing my lower teeth and removing all the old silver fillings next before I put on protective fillings on all my teeth and whiten them :D Going to spend forever next year at the dentist!

  5. nooo waaay! been there, done that! i know exactly how you feel! itll be over in no time and yep its worth the pain , but the pain will go away with time, plus you will lose weight :P i did :D

  6. Im a 30 year old guy and I got my braces done back in May with Dr Rashid at Bayan.

    The pain will pass and the results will be 100% worth it.

    Best of luck!

  7. Oh hey J don’t worry I’ve got braces too & I’m 15 So at the couple months it goin to be so painful and I lose weight but now I don’t have a paun & I eat everything specialy nuts & peanuts I put in march 2011 & I will take it off on June 2012 but I love it & I don’t want to take it of :)

  8. Q8Stig : Hehehe brave or stupid both could be the same :P

    swera : No no no no! :P I’ll whatsapp you later

    N : Why the laughter? :/ Why you teasin’ me!

    Abdul-Aziz : Hehehe now that’s awesome (the part about striking up a conversation) however the rest yeah I guess it would be awesome to lose more weight hehe!

    Danderma : Yeah finally! I know I did but at one point I started to lie to myself and tell myself I’m pretty the way I am hehe but oh well I guess the battle with braces has been won by the braces! And reading the comment about how your lips and mouth changed hell even your nose that reminded me of yesterday when my dad and sister were telling me that my nose has shrunk and it looks more pretty now! I am in shock as I don’t see it yet. Your orthodontist is a smart guy too then and thank God we weren’t subjected to the mold as we would have a gag-a-paloza! :P I think the bottom braces will hurt the least hopefully? I’m lying to myself but who knows. And that’s cool I have only 2 lower fillings that I wanna remove and one upper filling so that will probably be on 2013’s list. And yaaay can’t wait for them to be off! For me it’ll probably be in 2013 but yalla I’m planning for that big day!

    noon : I’m realy looking forward to the “losing weight” bit because that is the most important part for me otherwise the rest of it is an additional bonus :P And yeah I hope the pain starts to go away soon!

    Nathan : Thanks and that’s awesome! It seems Adult Braces are more common nowadays. I’m glad that it is especially since the technology has changed since we were kids and instead of dealing with it for 4 years it’s a shorter time period. Thanks for the good luck wishes and I wish you the same as well! :D

    Momo : But you are 15 and you are amazingly young I feel old at this age to have braces but still it’s going to be worth it; I just wish we can make time fly and remove them soon! I miss my burgers!

  9. God help me i might go there and have one by next year

  10. The Triple F : If you really need them, then do it sooner rather than later. Don’t wait like I did hehe :P