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December 28, 2011  |  My Life

I am not sure how one can start a life update post especially since my Twitter & Instagram feeds are more up to date than this blog is.  But I will give it a shot!

Hmmm, so earlier this month I celebrated my birthday and that was awesome especially for the surprise gift I got from my mother (will post about that tomorrow [Inshallah]) and it continued on being an awesome month until the moment I lied to myself and got braces (they haz pains y’all!).  I’ve been spending this month with my sisters who are back for Winter break and I’m loving it, the house is full whereas before it was just Lujain and I.

I am loving what I am doing at work since it’s something that I have a passion for (something I have lacked in my previous jobs) I am hoping to do some changes in the work place (well more focusing on me that is) and here is hoping 2012 treats that nicely.

I’ve had a lovely year in which I got invited to some cool events, met bloggers, made new friends, reconnected with old friends and so much more.  It’s just simply amazing.

Can you believe it that ever since I quit that filthy bank job of mine that my health started to improve? El 7emdella I haven’t dealt with a major health problem other than the dental work I had to go through to prepare the installing of the braces.  Your job truly reflects on your health if you hate it then you’ll be more sick and such.

The worst thing though is the passing of my dearest idol, Steve Jobs.  He will forever be missed but I have faith that he built a company which will survive everything and anything and will remain on top of the world (here is hoping his son Reed takes over or any of his daughters granted that they have some of the craziness he had).

Otherwise, I guess that’s about it for life for me right now.  For those of you missing out on it, then check my twitter account as I am a thousand times more active there than even on Facebook! LOL! Yes I am in a hate-hate relationship with Facebook/Google+/etc right now.

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  1. You already know this, but I’m super excited about your job too lol It shows how happy you are whenever we get to talk and I love it hehe

    Happiness suits you, and may you always be happy :*

  2. Swair : Aww I am super excited too hehe I forgot this feeling for a while and so I am happy to have found it again! O Amen babes!