[Shout Out] Auction Kuwait 2K12 Offer

December 30, 2011  |  Shout Outs

The people over at Auction Kuwait are giving you guys an amazing offer and deal for the New Year!

Imagine being able to purchase an iPhone 4S 64GB or iPad 2 64GB 3G+ Wifi for 1 KD? Yes that is the offer! The bidding starts at 1KD and to join and bid it’s all for free.




  • They are two independent (seperate auctions)
  • Joining & Bidding is 100% free of charge
  • You can add as many bids as you want
  • The item will be sold to the highest bidder for the amount he/she had bid for it

You can check out how the website works through the below video.

Enjoy and have fun! Offer ends 48 hours after it begins on Sunday 01/01/2012!

Thanks to their Social Media team for giving us the heads up.

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