2012 New Years Resolutions

December 31, 2011  |  My Life

Last Year I wanted a lot of things and well the problem with that is that you don’t focus well.  So wheras last year I had 10 resolutions this year I am cutting it down to 5.

Last Years Resolutions Were:

  1. Lose Weight & Be Healthy Fit [Not Achieved]
  2. Eat Healthy Foods and cut out Junk [Not Achieved]
  3. Stop Stressing Out
  4. Be Positive
  5. Make Better Decisions
  6. Be Patient
  7. Save Money & Spend Less on Gadgets (hard one) [Not Achieved]
  8. Reconnect with Friends
  9. Be Happy, like genuinely Happy!
  10. Live Life to its Fullest! [Not Fully Achieved]

New years resolutions

So this year I am focusing on the following 5.

  1. Get Braces & Fix my teeth [I started the path already]
  2. Lose Weight & Try to be fit (at least walk daily)
  3. Get a full time job & Start to focus more on my passions!
  4. Have more “me” times and reconnect with friends, reading, life in general.
  5. Get a new car & Try to go to Hajj.


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  1. I want to read more & go to Hajj too! allah ygaderna nshallah ya rb :D

  2. I have more in common with your resolutions for 2011. I focused on 12 resolutions. Maybe I could try to achieve one per month ;)

  3. hehe, i like the idea of a small list

    all the best and muwafaqa inshallah..

  4. Nice list! Mine changes daily! loool! Defeats the purpose of a resolution but still! lol

  5. Good luck! I’m making mine right now! =]

  6. These are technically 10 things. gissay 3ala nafsich shway ;p
    Good luck with the dentist thing. My biggest fear! =|

  7. I love your resolutions! Good luck 7beebti, I know you can do it :D

  8. swera : Amen ya rab!

    Fatima : Hehehe that’s cool walla! 12 per year :P

    Standy : Thanks babes and yeah I loves it too!

    Marzouq : True same here! Sometimes I get more sometimes I remove items :P

    OmarVlogable : Awesome!

    Nunu-San : LOL! Shhhhhh don’t tell on me! And yeah I know Dentists will always instill fear in you but oh well!

    Swair : Thanks babes and I know I will enshalla!