OMG 2012 is Going to be AWESOME!

December 31, 2011  |  Hot, I want.., My Life

OMG I just had to write this regardless of how when what where! I just had to!

I was just checking my Instagram feed and well I’m following my ultimate favorite guy, hell he’s my TV Husband #1 Ian Somerhalder from “The Vampire Diaries” and I commented on a picture he put up there!

Screen shot 2011 12 31 at 2 10 13 AM

And guess what?

He Replied

He replied!

He Replied1

He personally replied to only my comment and I went bonkers! I seriously did!!!! I can’t believe it!

Ian somerhalder 18

Ian somerhalder 2

Gosh I’m so excited! 2012 you are starting off on an excellent start! I love you already! And I love you Ian Somerhalder too!!!!


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  1. LOL! This made me crack up over Twitter, but your fandom post had me falling off my bed. Hope you’re enjoying the episode of Vampire Diaries now ;) & may this be the first of many replies from Ian.





    I’M SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hahahahaaaaaayyy wallah u cracked me up :D

    it’s a good start :P

  4. That is sooooooo cool!! You should comment more often!

  5. I guess his comment made 2011 RIP! :P

  6. Oh wow!! Lucky u! I agree with Summer, you should comment more often before a witch snatches him from you as it is always the case. STAMP YOUR TERRITORY GIRL!

  7. Oh and I forgot why I stopped by here, hehe: HAPPPPYY NEW YEAR!!!! *party poppers*

  8. Hahahaha! U r crazy! hahaha! I can’t blame you! If jackie chan replied to me I would go bonkers too!

  9. this post is TOO CUTE :**

  10. LOL ur excitement is shining out of my screen :P looks like 2012 is already a winner :D Keep commenting, maybe u’ll get him to come over here and meet us all ;)

  11. Fatima : Hehehe I hope I get more during the course of 2012 but so far I’m loving it hehe :P And don’t laugh at me you know you’d do the same! :P

    3ateeja : I KNOW!!! GORGEOUS Mashalla!

    enigma : Oboo om el OMG! :P Hehehe and yeah I know! :P

    swera : Hehehe shtabeeen you know you would do the same in a heartbeat! :P

    Summer : I do hehe it’s just a hit and miss sometimes whether I get a response or not :P

    OmarVlogable : Totally!

    Miss Good Egg : LOL already stamped and I loved it hehe :P I keep commenting but still no other response who knows maybe eventually and Happy New Year to you too!

    Marzouq : Hehehe to you Jackie Chan and to me Ian Somerhalder!

    shwaish : Hehehe 7ayate walla :* I know it’s insanely cute!

    Piscean : Hehehehe chan zain! And yeah I know hehe I still smile while reading the post :P

    Chick Flick Journal : Thanks hon hehe :D