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Road Maintenance

January 26, 2012  |  Pissed Off

It seems that those who process the road construction jobs are idiots or imbeciles! You see my Grandma’s house is in Abu Al Hasani area and for the past few years the roads were mediocre (well let’s face it they weren’t there) and all of a sudden starting last month they started construction on them.

They started laying out the pipes for the Waterworks I guess but the stupid thing is that they blocked every single entrance and exit for the people living there! The project is apparently supposed to go on until summer and day by day the newly found routes are getting closed down!

It used to take me 10 minutes to get there from our home and now it’s close to 20 just because I go around in circles trying to find an alternate route in! Every single entrance has a huge hole with a huge pipe and workers there!

I just visit there every week, imagine those who are living there.  Especially those who have lower cars (i.e. Porsches, Jaguars, Mercedes sporty cars, etc.) I just got a brand new jeep and was able to not hurt my car manuevering my way in through all that sand but imagine a Porsche 911 trying to get to their home with some rocks laying there in the midst of the sand!

Kuwait Baladiya Stupid People GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Finish one area then move onto the next don’t just go all over the place! Structurize your shit! Seriously!

[Events] Gulf Run Al Falah Car Wash

January 24, 2012  |  Events


Last Thursday (that is January 12th) I was invited by the awesome Marzouq and amazing Gulf Run Social Team to attend the Al Falah Car Wash and watch the cars get their hair did and nails did! I kid! I mean getting washed and have the stickers put on.


It was an awesome event filled with sexy delicious beauitful cars! I absolutely loved them to pieces! (To the extent I’m getting my old car “Audi A4” cleaned and detailed professionally by Al Falah Car Wash – more on that later) and I am considering Foil Art because of the work that I saw.

I arrived shortly after 8 with my princess Lujain, yes everyone thinks that I am her personalized Kris Jenner but really I’m hoping she’ll learn something from all of this and she does love cars and gadgets so maybe she’ll take into my footsteps rather than my sisters :P

Anywho we arrived, and were greeted by Marzouq who was shocked to see Lujain for the first time (he heard about her endlessly) and then shown to where the cars were being washed and primped and cleaned and all that jazz!

Both Lujain and I snapped our pictures met our fellow bloggers (Q8Stig, of course he has to be there, where there is a car there is a Stig :P) And I got to meet Mark for the first time which was awesome (Hey Mark!) There was a cool Shawerma stand for those coming to watch and a place to hang out as well as an awesome DJ belting out awesome beats!

Anywho, I leave you with the pictures and more to come about the next event which happened to be the Gulf Run Car Show at 360 Mall.


P.S. For even hotter and sexier pictures check out the Gulf Run Blog.

Five Years Living at Couch Avenue

January 20, 2012  |  Blog News, Random

I can’t believe that it’s been 5 years since I officially made the domain change from to! Thanks to my favorite peeps Marzouq, Ananyah, Swair, and Sou I was able to settle on this name (well 90% of the vote goes to Marzouq therefore he is mentioned first) and this year will mark my 8th year in the Blogging World.


I may not be an avid blogger.  I may not update a thousand times a day or even a week but when I do write I write from the depth of my heart! It’s a doggy eat dog world (I think that’s how the saying goes) and yet I am still here and surviving staying afloat.  I try to make minor changes but in the end I do not want to lose me.

Something that has kept my machine running is that lovely widget in my sidebar that tells me what I wrote a “Years Ago Today I Wrote” it basically gives me all posts that were dated on the day I am checking and to be honest to see my transformation year to year (not the transformation that you see normal blogs do nowadays; i.e. Check out this YouTube video, Check out this new restaurant, Check out this new thing, never giving you a glimpse into their lives or their true mind) I have matured over the years and some might say I have lost myself but in a way I think that it was a phase in my life that has now outgrown me.  I try to maintain that same person and hope that it lives within me but in the end time will tell.

So January 20 2007 I made the switch over from my favorite childhood domain (it was also around the same month where I got a job and started working) to this awesome cool one! A couch I will forever enjoy and be lazy upon, a couch I truly and desperately love!

Happy Couch Avenue Today!

Things to Purchase for Your iPhone: Lenses

January 12, 2012  |  Accessories, Apple, iPhone

I’ve been converting a lot of my friends and family to the iPhone and I am so proud of it, but it gets hectic sometimes recommending to each individual person the things that I think they should get.  So, Danderma, gave me the idea to start a series on my blog in which I put up my recommendations and have others check them out and see them. In today’s series you will see my recommended lenses for your iPhone 4/4S. It’s no secret that the iPhone 4 & 4S have powerful cameras and what better way to take advantage than by using and abusing the third party accessories and making your phone into an even more awesome camera.

So here goes:

1. Olloclip: A three in one clip on lens kit that allows you to have a wide-angle, fisheye, and macro lens all in one.  Easy to snap onto your iPhone (without a case though) and gives you amazing pictures.

Personally, I didn’t like the wide angle much as I didn’t feel it gave me much of amazing picture quality there is a blur on the sides but then again it’s not that noticable.  The fisheye lens had a black frame when taking photos but when shooting video it looks awesome! The best lens of them all is the macro as it gives you an amazing amount of detail just by holding your phone so close to the object you’re snapping a picture of.

P.S. My recommendation is to shoot a video in macro mode the video will just blow you away!  Check it out in action below.

I purchased it off of the official website for the price of 69$ but you can find it in Kuwait by visiting iCity in the Avenues and purchasing it for 22KD.

Note: If you have a sticker on the back of your phone it could scratch it or misplace it as it’s meant to get on a completely naked iPhone.

2. Holga SLFT-IP4 Filter Case: This is an iPhone case that turns your phone into a retro camera.  It offers not only one but many filters and all without removing the case and attaching it (i.e. not like the olloclip).  You get 10 filters to choose from.  There are 5 colorful filters, 3 Kaliedoscope filters, a macro lens, and an empty slot that gives you the holga effect without any additional colors.

Personally, I love this case the best thing about it is the fact that it’s a case and it’s not hurting the gelaskin that is on my phone.  I can snap it on and leave it on if I want to without worrying that I might damage the filters.  Choosing between the filters is quite easy as all it takes is rotating the filter.  The macro lens here still performs well maybe even as well as the olloclips.  But one of my favorite lenses on it is the plain holga effect and the heart shaped colorful filter.  It sure is a fun thing to have around. Check it out in action.

Unfortunately for this one, it is only available online on this website for the price of 24.99$ and the case comes in different colors.  So what are you waiting for? The black case is on sale for only 19.99$.

3. The iPhone Telephoto Lens: This photo is by PhotoJojo (one of the most awesome websites for photographers) and what this gives you is 8x zoom for your iPhone .  The lens comes with the telephoto lens, cleaning cloth, tripod and mount, iPhone Case, and a carrying pouch as well.

Personally, this was an impulse buy I found it while shopping out and about and thought why not since I had the other cases coming soon.  In the best ideal light situation you get amazing pictures without harming your phone or anything, just pop in your iPhone into the case, screw on the lens and you will be able to take photos instantly! Wanna see how it performs then check this video out below.

I purchased it from Digits in Marina Mall for only 10KD, it is also available online for 35$ which is around the same price so go ahead and grab it! I loves it!


And that’s it for today’s series I hope you found it helpful and stay tuned for the must have accessories coming up soon.

[Shout Outs] Looking for a Job? FastTelco is Hiring!

January 12, 2012  |  Shout Outs

FastTelco; one of the leading ISPs in Kuwait is now hiring.  If you are a Kuwaiti and looking for a job be sure to send in your CV as they are looking for new talents and who knows you might get a brand new job to help embrace your spending habits!

To send in your CV be sure to email it to

[Shout Outs] Ruby Tuesdays Rib Season is Back!

January 11, 2012  |  Food, Shout Outs
I for one have been a huge Ruby Tuesdays fan especially when it comes to my favorite meals the Chicken Parmesan Pasta and the Chicken Bella main dish! There are plenty of others that I tried; Mmmmm I remember the Beef Tips they were absolutely delicious and to die for!  So this is a heads up for all you out there who love ribs! The Ribs are Back!
This Season your favorite Ribs are half their prices, from classic barbecue ribs to ribs & fire wings we have it all for you with this promotion. Ribs festival brings out some of the limited edition favorites such as Ribs & Bristo Chicken and Beef Tips. Get first hand notifications of our campaigns and promotions through our social networking sites. Join us on our Facebook page(Ruby Tuesday – Kuwait) and follow us on twitter (@Rubytuesdaykwt) .
Ruby Tuesday branches in Kuwait are in Sharq on the Gulf Road, Laila Gallery Mall in Salmiya, 360 Mall, Avenues Mall and in Al Shaab area next to Shaab Park on the Gulf Road. Visit your nearest Ruby Tuesday branch for more surprises.
Thanks to the Ruby Tuesday Social Team for giving me and you a heads up!

[Shout Outs]GulfRun 7 Car Show Events

January 11, 2012  |  Shout Outs

It’s that time of the year where sexy hot rides are being paraded in front of you before they go off to the racing tracks!

So what better way is there than to go out and support our friends before the race and well perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to go during the run itself!

I myself will be headed to the Car Show this weekend to enjoy the sexiness that is sports cars!

Thanks to the GulfRun team for giving me a heads up!