[Shout Outs] Looking for a Job? FastTelco is Hiring!

January 12, 2012  |  Shout Outs

FastTelco; one of the leading ISPs in Kuwait is now hiring.  If you are a Kuwaiti and looking for a job be sure to send in your CV as they are looking for new talents and who knows you might get a brand new job to help embrace your spending habits!

To send in your CV be sure to email it to careers@fasttelco.net.

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  1. Did you send your CV?! :P

  2. Nunu-San : Nope not yet why did you?

  3. خوش خبر :) شرايكم فيها كشركة تنصحون فيها للتوظيف فيها والا !! انا ما اذكر احد يمدح القطاع الخاص انتو شرايكم

  4. However they only acpect the new kind of Civil I.D’s, which contain a chip with that persons personal info. This will also make arresting criminals easier.