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January 12, 2012  |  Accessories, Apple, iPhone

I’ve been converting a lot of my friends and family to the iPhone and I am so proud of it, but it gets hectic sometimes recommending to each individual person the things that I think they should get.  So, Danderma, gave me the idea to start a series on my blog in which I put up my recommendations and have others check them out and see them. In today’s series you will see my recommended lenses for your iPhone 4/4S. It’s no secret that the iPhone 4 & 4S have powerful cameras and what better way to take advantage than by using and abusing the third party accessories and making your phone into an even more awesome camera.

So here goes:

1. Olloclip: A three in one clip on lens kit that allows you to have a wide-angle, fisheye, and macro lens all in one.  Easy to snap onto your iPhone (without a case though) and gives you amazing pictures.

Personally, I didn’t like the wide angle much as I didn’t feel it gave me much of amazing picture quality there is a blur on the sides but then again it’s not that noticable.  The fisheye lens had a black frame when taking photos but when shooting video it looks awesome! The best lens of them all is the macro as it gives you an amazing amount of detail just by holding your phone so close to the object you’re snapping a picture of.

P.S. My recommendation is to shoot a video in macro mode the video will just blow you away!  Check it out in action below.

I purchased it off of the official website for the price of 69$ but you can find it in Kuwait by visiting iCity in the Avenues and purchasing it for 22KD.

Note: If you have a sticker on the back of your phone it could scratch it or misplace it as it’s meant to get on a completely naked iPhone.

2. Holga SLFT-IP4 Filter Case: This is an iPhone case that turns your phone into a retro camera.  It offers not only one but many filters and all without removing the case and attaching it (i.e. not like the olloclip).  You get 10 filters to choose from.  There are 5 colorful filters, 3 Kaliedoscope filters, a macro lens, and an empty slot that gives you the holga effect without any additional colors.

Personally, I love this case the best thing about it is the fact that it’s a case and it’s not hurting the gelaskin that is on my phone.  I can snap it on and leave it on if I want to without worrying that I might damage the filters.  Choosing between the filters is quite easy as all it takes is rotating the filter.  The macro lens here still performs well maybe even as well as the olloclips.  But one of my favorite lenses on it is the plain holga effect and the heart shaped colorful filter.  It sure is a fun thing to have around. Check it out in action.

Unfortunately for this one, it is only available online on this website for the price of 24.99$ and the case comes in different colors.  So what are you waiting for? The black case is on sale for only 19.99$.

3. The iPhone Telephoto Lens: This photo is by PhotoJojo (one of the most awesome websites for photographers) and what this gives you is 8x zoom for your iPhone .  The lens comes with the telephoto lens, cleaning cloth, tripod and mount, iPhone Case, and a carrying pouch as well.

Personally, this was an impulse buy I found it while shopping out and about and thought why not since I had the other cases coming soon.  In the best ideal light situation you get amazing pictures without harming your phone or anything, just pop in your iPhone into the case, screw on the lens and you will be able to take photos instantly! Wanna see how it performs then check this video out below.

I purchased it from Digits in Marina Mall for only 10KD, it is also available online for 35$ which is around the same price so go ahead and grab it! I loves it!


And that’s it for today’s series I hope you found it helpful and stay tuned for the must have accessories coming up soon.

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  1. A few minutes ago I was thinking to myself wouldn’t it be awsome if there was a zoom lens for my iPhone! Had you posted about it sooner I would be zooming away by now!

    Thank you babe for the post, much obliged :*

  2. great job babes :* Sharing is caring ;)

  3. ع البركة

    من وجهة نظري أكثر وحده تعجبني olloclip ادائها ممتاز وخفيفه

  4. I love my Olloclip! I’ll give the other ones a try! ♥ Thank you for the recommendations, can’t wait to see more. xx

  5. girl day after day you made me love my iPhone more .. but i want more information about the charger i saw u using it at Venneys .. thanx babe .. you are the female version of Stever Jobs :P


  7. Danderma : Your welcome and enshalla you’ll enjoy zooming away :P

    swera : Thanks love will share more! :P

    أبوفلان : Allah ebarek feek.. The olloclip mo 3ajbatny ena it’s too tight of a fit on the iPhone it always peels off my Gelaskin and Screen protector sometimes

    fionkafied : Your welcome and enjoy! :D

    Rainy : Hehehe I’m glad you love your iPhone more and more! I will write the next volume of this post tonight enshalla with the best battery packs for the iPhone :D

    yourbattlefield : I will eventually win at this but we’ll have to wait and see!

    Nunu-San : Aww it loves you too!

    shoosh : Go and grab them!

  8. i have olloclip and the telephoto one just missing the holga, god yabelhom jan6a bro7hom!

  9. Hello !
    amazing post by the way !
    I was in a pickle finding a gift for my friend and you simply summed everything up, thaaaaaanks alot !
    a question from a gadget retard like me, plz don’t judge !
    Is it fit for an a regular i-phone 4 or is it only customised to i-phone 4s?