Proud of the Avenues Flash Mob

February 8, 2012  |  Doing Good, Fun, Kuwait, Reflections

Last week was filled with election hoop-la and stress but what most of you have probably heard about a lovely thing happened on Friday afternoon at the Avenues Mall.  A group of Kuwaiti youth (I think they all would classify as that) men and boys and with the inclusion of a girl who lip-synced a part of the song were seen performing a “Flash Mob”.

Most of you probably know about Flash Mob’s from YouTube and certain movies (read: Friends with Benefits) and thus this wasn’t a new phenomena to see.  The new thing about it is how it was beautifully put together.  My colleague and friend at the Newspaper (Onilda Fernandez) [Article] wrote a lovely piece about how it all came out to be.  Did you know that it took 2 months to put together and that the young men were all too stressed out from rehearsing but the day of the Flash Mob they felt happy because of the interaction that happened with the audience?

I for one am proud of what they did; the only thing I missed out on was some of the Kuwaiti Songs that I loved while growing up and having a bit more of a musical ooomph (you know ranging from slow to fast to slow to fast again :D) But nonetheless I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any different.

Many of you expressed your joy at such a spectacle and I for one loved how it showed that young or old we are all together in spreading the word about our lovely country Kuwait.  Whereas; the party poopers out there mentioned that the lack of girls was a disappointment (to them I say WHERE ARE YOU LIVING? IN RUSSIA?) No but seriously the men rehearsed from midnight to 7 AM everyday; where would you find a girl out there with parents who would allow her to be alone at a mall after hours with a bunch of men rehearsing regardless of how open-minded her parents where or how decent the guys are.  This just doesn’t roll with our culture even back then when celebrations were held and broadcast on television the girls seen were young anywhere from 5-early teens and with what girls are wearing nowadays at malls I doubt it would fly beautifully when you see one of those ill-dressed girls dancing with men (the Islamists alone would have a festival out of that and ban all sorts of celebrations).

For those of you who haven’t seen it check this video out:

And this is an alternative angle which was also great:

In short; to Zain & Cinemagic thank you very much for the lovely lovely show you put on even though the day it was performed was one where the election results disappointed many; you still brought joy to us and we thank you for that.  And to the young men participating whether you are young or old I thank you with the depth of my heart for all your hard work! Seriously you guys are AWESOME and #1 in my books don’t let the haters ran on your parade!

It’s a shame I missed out on it.

[Picture from The Avenues Twitter Account.]


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  1. It’s a craze over here too!!!
    Recently was able to see a live one. Loved it! :D

  2. اهنيك على هذا المقال الرائع ،، وكلمة الحق والمديح للمجموعة اللي اسعدتنا … وانا سعيدة جدا بمتابعتي لك عالتويتر
    Thank you for all your lovely articals …

  3. GIIIIRRRRRLLLLZZZZ!!!! no thank you, we live in Kuwait. It went very well , actually it was amazing except for other party poppers which were “7aram” section ppl. That ruined the joy of it… But but but still it was UN-freaking-believable

  4. Blahhh, I felt claustrophobic just by watching the video. It is kinda impressive though! (would’ve still liked to see some female representation…and some breakdancing maybe…) Well done, Kuwait!

  5. Thank you for this great article about those young men who really made us proud & put a huge smile on ur faces when we were really tired & disappointed from the election results. Unlike party poopers-Bloggerette to be precise, you truly truly said the truth & read my mind!

    Proud of you young men … Thank you Zain & we love you Kuwait <3

  6. This made my eyes tear up!!!
    Wish I was there.

    PS; I heard they’re arranging for a new flash mob soon.
    Dunno when exactly. Bes inshallah I’ll be there when they do!

    Oh and thank you for this awesome article.

  7. I agree with you 100%

    Its great that they did something so fantastic and got everyone on board and trained so hard for this event! Their selection of music couldn’t have been any better! Honestly watching the videos sends chills down my spine, it feels good it makes you feel good!

    Thank you Zain, Cinemagic, and everyone involved in putting this together! My hat goes off to them, and it made me feel proud and miss the old Kuwait!

    It was a time when everyone cared about Kuwait and loved it, that is what the song made me think! Loved it!

  8. Loved it.

  9. My reaction to all of this while out of the country?


    How long have I been waiting for a flash mob in Kuwait?

    A huge huge huge THANK YOU goes out to the young men who put smiles on our faces that day!

  10. Elegant Chic : WOW I can’t wait to see a live one in person (as if Live didn’t mean that already :P) But it is a cool thing!

    Hanadi : Aww your welcome, thank you for reading o you’re right it’s an awesome effort from the participants.

    iMaGiNaTiOn : Exactly! I enjoyed it and would’ve hated to see girls join in! Not everything needs dancing girls to be classified as “fun”

    F : Fee bite me :P I know it would’ve been claustrophobic but it was awesome. The only female representation I would’ve wanted to see is little girls joining in and dancing their hearts out but that wouldn’t happen I guess. And breakdancing would’ve been cool too1

    swera : Someone had to say something.

    Nunu-San : I know I was jealous that I wasn’t there when I first saw it on Twitter and Instagram. I hope they do have another one and we do see it live!

    Marzouq : Exactly and to spread negativity on such a beautiful thing well its just plain stupid. I really do hope to see more of this. I love the month of February in Kuwait it’s got a different taste to it!

    Miss Good Egg : You can say that again!

    Swair : I know I remember that hehe we all were crying out for Flash Mobs and well our wishes came true now if you only wished for that 1 million KD we’d be filthy rich both you and I, because you know I will share that million with u :P