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February 10, 2012  |  Events, Friends, Previously

It has been a while and I’ve been meaning to write but I kept procrastinating and postponing the transfer of the photos from my camera to my computer and when I did, I enjoyed my Instagram shots more than anything else but I’m slightly off topic here.  Let’s start over.

Earlier this year, the blogging team from 7ajidude invited us to celebrate the winner of “The Cutest Baby Blogger Instagram Challenge” at Vinny’s which is located in 52 Degrees in Al Tilal Complex.  So on a Thursday evening of January 5th Lujain, my sister #3 (aka Your Battlefield) and I headed over there to have a lovely dinner with friends and well I can honestly say that they are more like family as well.


My sisters and I arrived very early, even Dudette wasn’t there yet but nonetheless we took it as an opportunity to walk around a bit and have both sisters of mine get scared from a cat (yes they don’t like cats).  But soon enough Dudette made it and started setting up when we were just walking in.  The place was beautiful and all ours! We monopolized the place to the final extent, Vinny’s had provided us with lovely name badges (not that most of us needed them) but Dudette did the most awesome thing by placing comments underneath each one :P I was known as “The Sabyak Baby with Garfield Touches” (roughly translated as ‘The Tomboy baby with Garfield touches’).


As soon as most of our friends arrived the food was served and we enjoyed some amazing juices from JUICED and the lovely appetizers.  You can find my comments on most of dishes in the pictures below but I’d like to say from the appetizers I will definitely be having the “Shroom Popper” over and over again.  The margarita is my ultimate favorite pizza and well the “Bolognese Authentic” and “Rosa Penne” were lovely if a little spicy for my taste.




The ultimate best dessert however was the “Kinder Pudding” which was TO DIE FOR! I mean I would literally jump in and swim in all that delicious yumminess! Mmmm I’m drooling thinking about it! I should schedule a visit there soon, like really soon!


PinkGirlQ8 had brought along some lovely cake pops courtesy of Bakerista which were lovely (they were made for the participants of the competition) and as you can see I am right there! But she doesn’t look much like a baby me :P


Before the end of the evening, a large cake rolled out courtesy of November Bakery with pictures of the first place winner “PinkGirlQ8” and as you can see everyone snapped away a thousand shots of all the food and posted them as soon as they got home.


Before we left, Vinny’s Kuwait and its amazing owner Bader Al Kulaib offered us a going away present for the participating blogs and that happened to be a Loyalty card offering us a 15% discount every time we visit, which is simply awesome.

P.S. I’m so angry at what Dudette had written for Omarker! How dare she call him The Baby Steve Jobs! Everyone knows I’m his child from another family! :P Seriously how dare you! Unfortunately he didn’t make it or else we would have dueled it out :P


Thanks to 7ajiDude for the awesome evening and Vinny’s Kuwait for having us! We sure enjoyed ourselves to the last second.


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  1. im jealous :S

    i fall in love with the way you post … the photos are amazingggggg .. good job girl

  2. allaaaaah u reminded me of the nutella pudding *sniff*

  3. Beautiful. What a great review.
    I’m drooling over the food photos =O~

  4. Rainy : Awww I’m glad you love the way I post hehe I try to make it as personal as I can hehe :P And the photos were mostly done by my iPhone 4S LOL! :P

    swera : Hehehe let’s go again soon! :P

    Nunu-San : Thanks hon hehe go enjoy it :D