Happy Vampentine’s Day

February 14, 2012  |  Holidays, Hot, I want..

Seriously it’s Vampentines! No flowers, no candy, bah humbug! I’m the Scrooge of Valentine’s Day but I did get something awesome, smoking hot pictures :P

IMG 6192

Damon Salvatore (a.k.a. Ian Somerhalder) wishing me a Happy Valentine’s day by telling me that he finds me ‘compelling’ seriously OH EM GEE! *Swoons*

But wait that’s not all….

IMG 6193

What about Klaus Mikaelson (a.k.a. Joseph Morgan) whispering in that British accent of his “I Fancy You Dahhhling” *double triple swoon* Seriously I drooled when I saw these too.

But there was one Debbie Downer, and that was Stefan Salvatore (a.k.a. Paul Wesley) I don’t like him much but it’s okay here you go for those who are Team Stefan.

IMG 6194

So three hot guys (the last one is debatable :P) wishing a Happy Valentine’s courtesy of CW Television that’s insanely awesome.  So to my Vampire Diaries Friends I wish you the same even though there is only 1 hour left, but it’s better than nothing :P

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  1. Happy VDay, and may you awaken with one of your vampire crushes attached to your carotids. PS, it’s still VDay here, so it counts. 💉💘

  2. Mo_Coffee_Plz : If only that happens :s