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February 16, 2012  |  Events, Previously

A week ago (February 5th 2012 to be precise) I was invited by the lovely people from Khaleejesque, one of the first online “Khaleeji” lifestyle magazines to unveil their very first print issue at 360 Mall which is now available practically everywhere.


The event featured printed pages from their magazine showcased in 360 Mall with everyone going around checking out the beautiful artwork/photography and getting a chance to meet with the lovely creators.  I arrived that day early and got a chance to speak to most of the lovely people behind this venture.  I spoke with Fouz Al Sabah one of the main team members and the creative director, and got to understand that they are aiming to release this magazine as a quarterly issue aimed at being more of a “coffee-table” magazine rather than a time-bound magazine you see everywhere.  They want to give their readers pieces which will always be there and have some amazing pictures to go with them simply so you can save that magazine and refer back to those images and well they didn’t fail in that area at all.



The Creative Director, Fouz Al Sabah

The magazine is beautifully laid out and designed, the content however needs a bit of work, it’s great but can be even better.  The magazine will be available every 3 months and for the first year it will be free of charge and can be found in different areas around Kuwait (of which: Baking Tray, Milk, Dean and Deluca, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and so much more).


My talk continued with the amazing Alya Al Othman, the Executive Editor, in which we discussed how the content applies to different countries in the Gulf Region so that this magazine doesn’t remain focused on only Kuwait.  They have reporters all over the Gulf region who contribute stories.  We also talked about how the content will not always be found on the website (their online website will feature shorter features) whereas the magazine will have more details and give you something else other than what they deal with daily.


From left to right: Alya Al Othman (Executive Editor), Khaled Al-Bannay (Accounts Manager), Fouz Al-Sabah (Creative Director), and I didn’t catch the name of the last person.


The amazing team behind Khaleejesque


The Goodie Bags (Thanks for the lovely copy of the magazine & cookies)

Bonkerbox were available at the event as well as well as the media taking snaps, I took a bunch and could almost recreate the experience for you as you see in the pictures.  I also got to meet one of my new-found fans there :P *waves hi* It was simply fun!


The magazine cover

Khaleejesque1 1

I went the next day to take an even better shot :D


Some panels from the magazine

Khaleejesque2 1

One of my favorites ;)


The best panel EVER! TV Shows! I love it!








I love the “A Dream within a Dream” panel it’s simply awesome!





Another one of my favorite panels.

P.S. The images here were all taken by my amazing new Sony NEX 5N and they came out lovely! Don’t you agree?

Thanks to the lovely team at Khaleejesque for inviting me and hope you enjoyed the pictures :)

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  1. Great panoramic shot !

  2. ali3alnasser : Thanks dear I tried my best to grab a good shot I forgot to get one of the opposite side though ;P