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February 16, 2012  |  Shout Outs

Craving a new gadget? Do you want to smell a brand new gadget being unboxed? Want a new Apple to play with? :P (Of course my own answer to all of the above will be YES YES YES!) Then join the new Zain Instagram Competition to show your love to our lovely shmexy Kuwait!


Yes you heard it right, the top three prizes are so awesome that first place will be a MacBook Air 11″ (must start to gather ideas for taking a picture like right now! I want a new toy to add to my family! Seriously my room is where all gadgets crave to be! They really do they wrote about it on their secret blog :P Seriously!) So first place is a MacBook Air 11″ and second and third place prizes are a Canon EOS 550D Camera. Now who can say no to that?

The rules are simple! Check them out below:

The competition is about showing our love to our beloved country Kuwait. To participate, take a picture that have a heart shape and the use of the four colors of the Kuwaiti flag. Use your imagination and show your love through creativity.

That was the general rule, other people have to keep these points in mind:

• Participants should have an Instagram Account and follow @ZainKuwait in order to participate.
Originality of the picture is a must, Picture taken from a website or stolen will be disqualified.
• Pictures must not contain any text, signature, name or watermark.
• All pictures should be sent to the following email :
• Every participant got the right to participate with one picture only.
Zain have the right to disqualify any inappropriate or stolen image. Without any prior notice.
• All pictures will be uploaded on the 21st of Febreuary 2012.
@ZainKuwait Account will be shifted from (Public) to (Private) During the 5 days of the voting phase.
Submissions will start today, and last day for receiving pictures is the 20th of February 2012, Any picture after that will be void.
Voting will start on the 21st and will end on the 26th by midnight.
• The email must provide Name, Mobile number and your instagram account.

Highest three winners in likes will win valuable prizes.

  • First Place: MacBook Air 11″
  • Second & Third Place: Canon EOS 550D Camera


Thanks to Zain Kuwait for giving us such an awesome competition, can’t wait to try and win something! I am itching for new gadgets!


P.S. Do not call the Call Center and ask about Zain’s Instagram account, if you do then you are officially STUPID! And another thing this is exclusive to only those who have iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches as this application is exclusive to us Apple Fanboys :P

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  1. hmm .. I’d like to join this!

  2. Nunu-San : Join it right away! :D