The Best Quality of the Zain Flash Mob

February 16, 2012  |  Hot, Kuwait

Zain released their TVC of the Zain Flash Mob that happened earlier this month in the Avenues and it brought back the goosebumps; not only that but I loved loved all the angles! Gave us a better view than those other YouTube videos :P

Check it out!

via The Dusty Co & His Hers Q8

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  1. just posted on my blog n then saw it here :P

  2. I just love all the different songs they used! I just posted it on my blog! ;p

  3. I honestly love it! Especially that chubby kid with the glasses! He is putting his heart into it!

    I hope they do something as good another time! Seriously they did an amazing job! Well done Zain

  4. I love how I was practically begging for a flash mob back in June on my blog and now it’s real lol
    Ya36eehum el3afya, they did an amazing job :D

  5. swera : LOL Great minds think alike :D

    Summer : I know the songs are simply amazing but I still want Wa6ani Al Nahar! :s

    7ajidude : Times infinity!

    Marzouq : Hehehe I know it’s simply awesome I can’t get sick of watching it!

    Swair : Hehehe just almost a year later but better late than never! :P