The Making of: Zain Kuwait Flash Mob

March 4, 2012  |  Link Surfing, Music I Love

So we all know that the Zain Flash Mob was a hit, and that it took two months to plan and organize to give you that awesome final result.  Well Zain Kuwait has decided to share with you more of what went behind the scenes to get you that final awesome result. This is one video that we will never get sick of, I just wish we get more Flash Mobs or something better even because I miss having a fun time in Kuwait, it’s all politics and shizzle lately and I want to branch out from that.

So here you go, enjoy the video and enjoy learning how hard it was to plan something this big.  And see if you can spot a fellow blogger *ehem*P0ach*ehem* :P God Bless You Zain for making us smile again!

P.S. I still got goosebumps even while watching it for the millionth time!

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  1. I loved it! And that kid with the glasses! Love em! Honestly its great they did it and I appreciate the effort that went into it!

  2. People were shocked! I loved it..