[New Apple] Apple TV announced featuring 1080P Sexiness

March 7, 2012  |  Apple, New Products, Techie

Apple has just announced the launch of their brand new Apple TV which now supports 1080p and has a redesigned UI (User Interface) to show just that.

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Among the new features in this tiny beast is that:

  1. 1080P Video
  2. New UI that brings you closer to iOS but still no iOS also 1080P
  3. New third party apps that includes: Photo Stream, Netflix, Flickr, and YouTube
  4. Improved connectivity to iCloud (including your Movie Content)
  5. Genius is now for your Movies as well

It’s available on March 16th (you can pre-order one today) for the price of $99.

What’s different in Apple TV 2012 than Apple TV 2010?

Screen shot 2012 03 07 at 11 35 35 PM

Thanks to Engadget this table clearly illustrates what is different and what’s new.

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  1. Is the 1080p only on the new Apple TV? like new new even if I got mine last year or something its still the black 2nd gen one but..

  2. what does an apple tv do? and how fast internet do you need to use it?