Pre-Ordered Apple’s New iPad 2012

March 8, 2012  |  Apple, I want.., iPad, My New Toys

Just pre-ordered Apple’s latest iPad (you know I had to) Thanks to Daddy’s account and Sister #3’s shipping service I do not have to wait an insane amount of time to get it! Yay!

I grabbed myself the 64GB White 4G LTE Model (AT&T).  Engraved it as well!

Thanks Daddy and D!

[Pre-order at Apple]

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  1. I’m pretty sure they make some sort of rehab for people like you…


  2. F : I am sure they do and if I get even worse than that I believe you would be the first to put me there :P

    P.S. I don’t like your bed very much it’s too narrow for my side-ways sleeping :s

  3. Congrats!!!

    I just preordered mine as well!! Love your site!!!

  4. I ordered mine on march7th ( to be sent to Aramex) but was cancelled by Apple march 9th! Is there another way?

  5. mn al7een agolech lil bee3 ?

  6. hahahaha your sister cracked me up! 9a7 we need to put u in a rehab, this is worse than addiction :P bel3afia love :*

  7. I have all of apple’s products except an iPad! I’m really considering getting this one even though I don’t see a real difference between it and the iPad 2

  8. jim : Aww thanks alot for loving my site and congrats on pre-ordering yours!

    DAD : Thank you Daddy!

    Maze : Allah ebarek feek dear :D

    sab : Not sure maybe Apple UK? I sent mine to my sister.

    BananaQ8 : NO!

    swera : LOL hehe yes everyone needs to put me in rehab but I can’t I won’t go hehe :P

    Summer : If you have the 2 then you don’t need this one if you are not a gamer or one who uses the display insanely. I personally enjoy the display upgrade more than anything else.