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March 20, 2012  |  Family, My Life

Warning: This post is uber-personal and gives you a glimpse into my crazy head.  If you are looking for an ad about the latest thing to buy go elsewhere please. Otherwise enjoy and share your thoughts and memories.

All of a sudden this thought popped up in my head and I felt a need to jot it down for once instead of procrastinating and waiting until it has disappeared. I was just thinking how amazing my life has been so far, there have been many ups and downs but it’s shaping out to be very lovely.

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One of the things I’m extremely in shock over is the fact that growing up with two completely different parents helped shape up the addict you see today. Don’t get me wrong, I meant Techie addict. You see, my mother has majored in Computer Science and worked in the Ministry of Education as a Computer Teacher and has gone on to be a Computer Supervisor. She was the person who got me interested in computers and all that jazz. I remember owning a “Sakhr” computer back in the 90s and it was so cool back then. I remember taking turns with her to learn how to use it and play games but I don’t remember the details unfortunately. Then came the age of the Internet in 1996. (Fun fact: My little 7 year old cousin doesn’t believe anyone existed before the year 2000, he asked me when I was born when I mentioned ’83 he said no no 2000-what?:P) Back to the point, the best thing about growing up in the 90s was the fact that we knew the meaning of sharing.

I remember very clearly how we had one internet connection and one computer. We would take turns using it and logging onto “Yahoo” since that was our search engine of choice, checking our “Hotmail” emails (it was insanely cool to have a hotmail account back then!) And I wanted to meet more people so I started having pen pals from abroad. It was fun unlike what we see today.

That was all what my mom passed onto me. My father on the other hand, was the artistic one, he majored in Fine Arts and went on to work at Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah (by now everyone knows this so why not talk about it). From a very young age I would go with him to the museum (pre-1990) and play around with the cats while he would work. I remember the planetarium and the big boat (unfortunately the Iraqis destroyed these beautiful things in the war) He gave me the artistic eye (although he claims he didn’t) and not only that but both parents nourished the love I had for gadgets in my later years.

I became a crazed Apple fan in the year 2005 when my younger sister went to the US to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Sciences and that was when I purchased my PowerBook G4 12″, prior to that I had already owned an iPod and gotten in on the band wagon. But ever since I got that laptop I went nuts and my obsession went into high gear.

I am the person I am today because of these two different but very alike individuals.

My parents, may God give them a long and healthy life provided for both my sisters and I an insane educational experience and supported us with everything. This could be ideally timed especially with the fact that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. But I just can’t help feeling nostalgic!

Think back to your childhood (if you’re an adult now) and see what made you be the person you are today. If you are still young then think as to what your parents are doing to shape you into the person you will be in the future.

Thank you Mommy & Daddy (I know I might not be the perfect daughter and might get on your nerves, get angry with you, make you angry with me, and so much more) but I love you with all my heart. Sometimes it’s better said late than never said at all!

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  1. Allah ekhaleehom lech o ekhalleech lohom :) o ya36eekom el9e7a wel3afya.

  2. Reading your post made me realize that all of who are in same age right now went through the same process when it comes to technology :)
    About my parents, am very far from what they are, i believe i built up my own personality that was not affected by them in anyway, so i guess i was born with the love for technology and all of that :)

  3. Alah Ekhaleehum lich! And u forget Steve Jobs, thats the reason your a gadget freak! loool

  4. God bless them & allah ekhaleehom lech! I got my addiction to reading/literature/researching from my mom allah yer7amha but dad gave me this cool forgiving personality which is shaping just fine these days :)

  5. That’s nice of you honey to share these wonderful words, our mission in this world was two thing workshop God and raise my kids as the way i was raised , so why not doing that ,since i will see my self in each one you , Again, Again so Thanks first to My God and then my parent who raised me this way to be a given person and to care about my kids in all manner , my wish to see you Guys do that’s to your kid.

  6. F : Bite me!

    Butters : Amen ya rab!

    Moody : No one is born with something without having acquired it from their surroundings, they might have not instiled the love of technology in you from their interests or backgrounds but something around you must’ve. We were all born with a clean slate and with our parents help and enivornmental surroundings we were able to be who we are today. And there is no shame in being like your parents you should embrace whatever tiny bit they nourished and built in you.

    Marzouq : Amen hehe yeah Steve is the truest reason but you can’t not admit that without the parents funding most of these obsessions he wouldn’t be a part of my life today :P

    swera : Aww allah yer7am’ha bs that’s an amazing gift to receive from her and from your father. I can’t help but be thankful for whatever habits we get from our parents whether they are good or bad they are afterall the ones who made us!

    Mom : Thanks Mommy for everything we hope we made you proud! :*

  7. nice read,,, alah y5alelech mom & dad oo y5alekom 7q ba3a’9 inshalah :) …. i hv one small comment about the 9a5ar computer; it was more a toy or a gaming console than to be considered a computer (like wise an iPad application right now),,, that lead me to ask: did u tried the DOS or windows 94 system back in 90’s?? those stuff was awesome, it was really cool having a computer back then ;)

  8. this was a very sweet post..

  9. this was a very sweet post.. allah ye5alilhum leeki ya rab..

    we rocked the 80s and the 90s.. we were the very cool kids unlike todays kids!

  10. I read the title on my rss feed and thought it was going to be another gadget review, like an Ipad or something. Instead I find a beautiful, rich, and charming post. I grew up on the sakhr too, and i even learned how to code BASIC on it. Im just as thankful to those that loved, and Supported, and cherished me. But overall Id have to say you are blessed. Some great people are forged through love and care, others through chaos and turmoil.

  11. Awesome post :) always wanted to know how ur passion & artistic side got built & it’s a great chance for ur readers & fellow bloggers to know more about u, myself really loved the post even read it twice :) there better be Part 2 :)

    Allah y5lelj ur mom & dad inshallah.

  12. Abdul-Aziz : Amen and I know the Sakhr was more of a toy like the “Atari” but it was one of the earliest semi-computers of our generation. I used everything from Windows basically DOS was my friend.. Windows 3.0 then there was another version Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98, ME and all the way up to XP then I stopped because I hated Vista and 7 can’t grow on me no matter how much it tries. In Kindergarten & Elementary school we had Mac’s the early Macintosh and I used those then and learned many things throughout my education. I used to do LOGO programming in one of my classes and AutoCAD designing as well. So I’ve got a rich background :P

    Standy : Thanks babes and amen ya rab! :D

    Mohd : Aww glad you liked it.. LOL what would part 2 include? And trust me, if you look through the 8 years worth of material on this blog you will find a lot about me I am not your “modern-day” blogger who leaves out the personal. This blog is fully personal and ready to be shared! :D O amen :D

  13. Been reading ur blog since it started & I know all of ur posts r personal even the apple ones I consider personal coz ur heart has an apple logo on it :p

    Still I think this is the first time u talk about ur family & how u grew up in such details.

    I won’t take NO for an answer, start preparing a sequel post :)

  14. Allah yekhalehom lech o Allah la ye’3ayer inshallah! mentioning that pen-pal thingie brings back a lot of memories, I used to have friends from Illinois, Seattle, Tel Aviv, and South Korea! the one in Illinois was the coolest and I got her into FreeTel (remember that)!!! btw, I used to have free sites on tripod and geocities but they all gone now T_T

    Great personal post! :-)

  15. It’s nice knowing where you got your skills from! I on the other hand have no idea what I inherited from my parents (except that I look like my mom;p)