Hectic Week

April 5, 2012  |  My Life, Random

It’s been a hectic week I’ve had one engagement after another (no not the ring kind but another kind, get your minds out of there!) I have a few posts lined up for this week but of course if you follow me on Instagram/Twitter you will know what I will talk to you about here, I think I share too much of my life there (note to self: limit time online (note to other self: don’t listen to the first self)) so yeah back to the main topic, I haven’t felt this pushed to the limit in a long time hehe and it’s kind of nice but tiring at the same time.

One of the things I’ve been disliking about this week is the fact that I wake up really early (i.e. at 9/10AM yes that’s early for me!) and I get home late because of things I have to do during the day. When that happens I come home and barely am able to chillax in front of my sexy 27″ Cinema Display (read: Nasser it doesn’t have dead pixels but both of yours will!) watching the latest shows of the day, having dinner right there, and afterwards continuing the TV-athon on my Display of course while skimming blog posts on “Reeder” (the Google Reader app on my iPad) and checking instagram afterwards. I sometimes get too exhausted and decide to give up but by the time I head to bed it’s almost 4/5AM and that’s sad because a few hours later I’d have to wake up!

I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive simply so I can catch up on some sleep and since “The Vampire Diaries” is on a break I will definitely get a chance to do that. Gosh darnit I’ve missed this place! I missed having a chat with you little Bloggie! You know what we’ve been through thick and thin these past few years I’m glad you’re always here when I need you!

Yes if you have reached this point in the post I believe you have realized that this post does not contain any advertisements, reviews, or anything that might “benefit” you guys really. It’s my place to vent I am having fun at the moment sharing my thoughts with dear ol’ bloggie! But if you did and enjoyed this part then be a dear and say hello :P It’s fun sometimes to reconnect.

So the main subject of this post is that I am tired, exhausted, and sleep deprived after this hectic week but otherwise I’m peachy fine! :D


P.S. Back in the day this is how I blogged, just words no pictures and allowing you the reader to imagine my life.  Yes I am cool like that! :D

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  1. I thought about sharing this link with you :p


    Imagine this… 27″ iMac + 2 thunderbolt displays instead of one? :P and no dead pixels


  2. Nasser : They will all have dead pixels, the screen will fry out and you will end up with 3 Frames! :P Hate you :s

  3. Hi Jacqui. I am here, fist thing in the morning taking a look at you blog.

  4. Hello … Im connecting in here :P

    You know I always hated posting my thoughts without a picture, i thought it doesn’t attract people but i’ve done it once (2 weeks ago) & guess what? it attracted alot of people! Thank god people still love to read instead of looking at pictures :)

  5. yalla hanaat! khala9 lisboo3!

    and I tried posting without pictures several times, and I figured out that it really doesn’t attract readers!

  6. الله يعطيج العافيه

  7. Natalia : Awww Welcome dearest Natalia it was great meeting you the other day and hope you enjoy this little space :P

    swera : I find words alone much more powerful than with pictures simply because they let your imagination flow hehe and glad you found it helpful so maybe one day you’ll do it again :P

    Summer : It depends on how long it is hehe :P I always posted before without pictures only lately did I add the pictures :s

    abdulla : Allah e3afeek dear :D