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April 9, 2012  |  Events, Food

Last Thursday (April 5th) I had a chance to accept an invitation extended to me by the lovely people behind Dean & Deluca, it was to check out their Spring Festival and the focus of the event was seeing their Easter Egg.  (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish writing this until today it would’ve been highly appropriate to post this on Easter Day which was yesterday but either way Happy Belated Easter!)

So even though I was a bit swamped I accepted the invitation and dragged along my partner in crime Lujain as she was so excited and wanted to know how things work.

We were a small group of bloggers gathered and ready to discover the magical secret of the Easter Egg and while Ms. Elisa Al Bendea explained to us that this is a newly launched idea for Dean & Deluca in Kuwait to offer such a product we snapped away our shots and were then escorted into the Kitchen area to better understand what goes into this delicious delight.

This big Easter Egg is available for personalization and will cost you around 27.800KD, it’s got 2 kilos worth of chocolate and you can design it and write on it whatever you’d like.  The egg comes in both a Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate version.


Walking into the back rooms of Dean & Deluca was kind of exciting it’s like going to see “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” and in a way it was.  The minute we entered those “Staff Only” doors we were asked to place hairnets on our respectable heads so as to maintain their highest level of hygiene.  I loved the fact that each product being sold in the store has a designated cooking area and that big piece of chocolate lives in the “Bakery Station.”

We entered the smaller version of the kitchen and met with the cocoa specialist Chef Iwan Setiawan (Head Chef), Chef Waseem Mustafa (Executive Restaurant Chef) and Mr. Mario Bazi (Cafe Manager).

We were given an introduction as to how the egg was being assembled, it required plastic molds in the shape of a half egg and some chocolate that is kept at a 30 Degree Celsius temperature it is constantly stirred to give its smooth chocolatey feel.

Before attempting to decorate the egg one must wonder as to how two halves of an egg are pieced together.  We were shown the trick by the amazing Chef Iwan and given a chance to try separating the chocolate eggs from the mold and then piece the egg together.  I will not tell you the secret but maybe Lujain can show you.

Did I forget to mention how much Lujain loved this? She kept telling me she’s glad she’s here and that I chose to bring her along.

The next step was seeing the intricate process of decorating the eggs.  While decorating you can use Milk chocolate or White Chocolate to write a message on the egg depending on what you prefer, you can add another egg if you’d like and you can certainly add some marzipan as another means of decoration.

The chocolate can be used as glue to stick on the decorations.

We were given an option to write on the egg and it’s definitely not as easy as it looks.  Fellow blogger, Natalia (It was great meeting you) wrote in her lovely handwriting “Easter Egg” it looked perfect.  Lujain grabbed the writing tool and scribbled on “Happy” and Mr. Anastasios Petro (Marketing Manager of Dean & Deluca)  wrote “egg.”  I on the other hand enjoyed writing “2012” since it’s the next logical word after “Happy Egg” :P

We were then led to try out their new menu items but more on that later, I feel that I have flooded you with images and more would just cause your stomaches to explode.

I would like to extend a thank you to Mr. Mohammed for extending me the invitation.  I would also like to thank Ms. Elissa, Mr. Anastasios, Mr. Mario, Chef Iwan, and Chef Waseem for the lovely evening spent seeing Willy Wonka’s  I mean Dean & Deluca’s Chocolate factory and for showering us with the lovely food.

This was one of the funnest events I’ve attended and certainly educational.

Happy Belated Easter Everyone!

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  1. It looks like u guys had lots of fun! I did while watching these photos! Bel3afia :*

  2. Nice Nice Nice ;)

    Thanks for the pics jay jay!

  3. Aww, very nice…looks really fun & informative. It really does look like Lilo had lots of fun. Thanks for taking her!

  4. swera : We sure did hehe it was fun and something very different!

    dudette : Your most welcome and now you know what happened :P

    F : Thanks babes and it sure was! There are some educational things I take Lilo too :P So I’m not a bad Krismager :P

  5. I´ve just seen your post, Thanks for mentioning me It was a pleasure eeting you too.

  6. hey you, it was lovely meeting you the other day, sorry for not being able to stick around more and get to know you all, they really caught me by surprise, I didn’t even know what was the invitation request all about, had to rush to pick up my brother from the airport

    it was a wonderful experience indeed.

  7. Natalia : Your most welcome and it was lovely meeting you as well :D

    Hammour : Likewise the pleasure was all ours :D and it’s a shame but still it was a lovely event in the end. Hope to read more of your enjoyable experiences.