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May 1, 2012  |  Blog News

Well these past few days I’ve spent endless nights trying to increase my online presence through other channels.  I was successful in establishing a YouTube Channel specifically for Couch Avenue (why I haven’t done this before I am not sure) and it is separate from my own personal email account, I might even shift all email contacts to that address instead of my personal one but that’s not a sure thing at the moment.

The thing I am having the most difficulty with is Facebook Pages.  I established a page and inserted what I would think as the Milestones but for the life of me I cannot get my Blog posts to publish on the page itself.  I believe there was an old option of being able to Import your blog via the Notes app but when Facebook became a cow and started to force everyone to upgrade to Timeline they discontinued that feature and although I have linked my blog to my personal Facebook account I want it incorporated with a Facebook Page so as to increase my presence even more.

If anyone has any suggestions would love to try them.  At the moment I have tried “RSS Graffiti” but it’s not working with me at all and I am not sure why.  I tried “NetworkedBlogs” an app on Facebook which basically published my posts to a separate tab on the page and was not what I wanted.  I am looking at some WordPress Plugins but not sure so please if anyone has any information please share it.

For the time being you can see my YouTube Channel [here] and Facebook Page [here]. They are both a work in progress and next would be the establishing of my Google+ Page.

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  1. I think the only way is infact through networkedblogs… when we had Babble, we used the import via notes but as you say, sucky new timeline doesn’t allow that anymore… And don’t even try contacting facebook, you will never get a reply/answer…………..
    I wouldn’t be too worried about facebook, not that many people use it anymore… not for reading blogs or catching up anyway… twitter would be much more active as would tumblr/pin interest…instagram even?

    • Thanks for the help and I believe it started working with me after 24 hours of me setting it up so it’s good I guess.

  2. We use Zemanta, its quite helpful!

  3. I think as one’s blog grows bigger & becomes more famous, you’ll need to keep up with all the social media networks out there!

    wishing you all the best sweetie :*