[Breaking] Algerian Warda, Disco Queen Donna Summer dead

May 17, 2012  |  Death

On this day two major icons from our generation have passed away.

Algerian singer Warda passed away in Egypt at the age of 71 from a heart attack.  Warda Al Jazaeriya as we all know her has lived in Egypt on and off ever since 1960 and has had cinematic and singing breakthroughs throughout the years.  She’s most famous for her singing one of which “Batwanis Beek” and more. [via AP]

But that’s not all, Disco queen Donna Summer whose awesome voice defined the 70s disco era with hits such as “Last Dance” and “Love to Love You Baby” died of cancer at the age of 63.  She passed away surrounded by her family in Naples, Florida but no details as to what type of cancer caused her death. [via AP]

May both women rest in peace, it’s one crazy day especially since the ‘Godfather of go-go’ Chuck Brown has passed away yesterday at the age of 75.  It seems that death is in the air for those musical icons.

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  1. allah yr7mah … 9ra7aa 7benaa aflmha w songs yellii swatahum wee loved you we will miss you … :(

  2. i like you warda…peace of Allah be upon you…
    non one else can take your place in my heart..