The Eight Faces of Jacqui

May 17, 2012  |  Blog News, Featured, My Life

To understand someone, one has to walk a day in their shoes and what better way than to give you a glimpse into every celebration I ever had not to mention share with you the very first post ever! So here are the eight faces of Jacqui, the beauty of a thing called archiving and previous posts:

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The Beginning May 17th, 2004

Post Title: Screwed in Wong Town

Hmmm The title is Screwed in Wong Town hehe basically i was screwed today :r not literally but metaphorically speaking.. kalait khara ib what i had to do :r o check it out: Last night nemt at 4am and woke up at 8am bl ghasob :r Had classes at 9 till 3 .. I was ok.. Had to pick up siblings at 3:30 then take ‘em home.. no brobrem :r Then had to take siblings back to school to attend a concert that my other sister was in.. that started at 7 … Finished at 8:30 had to then go to my granma howse and pick up maid.. :r who didn’t come till 10 :r but what was funny on trip to granma howse it took 30 mins when it shoulda taken 5 bekause of trafic :r den.. dere was dis trip home.. i reached my room at 10:30pm :r that’s when i had a chance to relax :r So I guess yea I wasn’t that screwed after all.. oh yea did I mention i got 2 papers that i gotta turn in on wednesday hehe that i haven’t started either and i was meaning to start one today :r yea it was a normal day today :r

One thing I learned about this post is that I had a major liking to the emoticon “:r” and at the time used both english and “arabglish” (also known as writing arabic using english letters) and basically documenting my life.  I was a beginner and did not know what was going on.

Face 1: After a year: May 17th, 2005

Post Title: Happy 1 Year

I really can’t begin to describe how blogging has become therapeutic to me, how it is a way to vent out my inner frustrations, my inner most feelings, my love, my passions, and my crazy-ness. It is a place seriously where I can call home. Where I can be most at ease with myself. I know I should have planned something big today. The big thing that was supposed to be today is the move from Blogger to WordPress but I did that earlier. So it can’t be counted. But, to me I don’t need to do anything else special because seriously it already feels more than home to me. [An excerpt]

This excerpt from that post showed how I grew up in one year abandoned the semi-childish way of writing and started to use this outlet as something greater.  Home is where the heart is and I am glad that by then I had found my own home.

Face 2: The Terrible Twos: May 17th, 2006

Post Title: May 17th & Going from a Size 04 to 06

Thinking back on how to write this post, how to come to describe the two years of blogging that I went through! Nothing sounded better than the phrase “Going from a size 04 to 06″, since in reality that’s what happened once I started blogging! I used to be a 04! And I was happy then :/ Apparently I need to cut back on the Pepsi’s and Coca Cola’s in order to get back into a 04. [Excerpt]

Reading through both posts showed how happy I was during that time, I was ecstatic and loved every second of blogging I found something fun and flew with it.  But I also started the trip towards weight gain, in 2006 I got a job towards the end of the year which changed my life in a way not to the better and certainly not to the worst but it was a change. Boy was this fun!

Face 3: Third Time is the Charm: May 17th, 2007

Post Title: Happy 3rd Blog-o-versary

3 years have passed from my life, I am turning 24 this year, I am working now, I finished the studying stage of my life for now, I am more dependent on myself and that’s weird, I never thought to see this day, pretty soon I would be worrying about other issues in my life I guess, pretty soon I would face different changes because that’s what we as humans have to go through, changes. Nothing stays the same. But I’m glad, it’s been nice and it’s been great writing and spilling my guts to random strangers or even to friends, it lets me get rid of the negativity and all that jazz. But in the end I try to maintain a positive outlook no matter what hits me from such issues. Duckie I mean “Jacqui” has been with me through a lot of different points in my life and I’m soo happy to say that I want to keep on doing this, writing. It’s my passion, I keep on thinking that I should probably quit and go back to writing or something in the Arts field but then again I think that I should stick through with a thing until it runs its course. In a couple of months I would be finishing my first year at work and that would be another change. I guess what I want to say is “Happy Blog-o-versary Jacqui, may I write in you for more than 3 years”

Dear 3 year old blog me, your wish came true 5 years later I left the job that was sucking the living daylights out of me and found something in the arts field found a new passion and I’m following it.  Funny how we can see even ourselves growing in front of our eyes.

Face 4:The Dark Fours: May 17th, 2008

Post Title: It’s Been 4 Years

It’s been 4 years since I started this blog, it was a dark early morning on the 17th of May where I decided to create a blog and start writing my thoughts and look at me a year later still writing.  I went through many phases on this blog and well there are still many more to come.  This is to say Happy 4th Blog-o-versary Baby!

Something that not many of you know this was the exact date my dad had his second heart attack, the first being the year before and it was small that even he didn’t know he had one until he went to the doctor this year.  May of 2008 was the beginning of a dark period in my life and one I have grown stronger from!

Face 5: The Fading Fives: May 17th, 2009

Post Title: Happy 5th Blog-o-versary

With only 2 hours left of today, I thik it’s time to celebrate that my blog has been through it’s ups and downs these past 5 years, I’ve been blogging for 5 years and well it’s easy for me to say now that the end part is harder to continue with than the beginning.  The job you choose in your life is what will dictate how you live and hopefully hopefully you guys make a wise choice.  My wish for this next year is to be more of an active blogger, I’ve had my shares of ups and downs last year and part of this year but 2009 is not over yet and it won’t be until the fat lady sings (right Purg?) so let’s hope she doesn’t sing until things imporve a bit more.   Life and stability have not yet arrived for me but I hope they will.  But let’s not dampen today’s spirits. It’s the day 4 women entered the Parliment, and the day I celebrate my new outlook on life.  We should celebrate and I should go look for those party favors and foods.

On this day 4 women were elected into parliament, it was also the beginning of a brighter period in life things were almost falling into place but because of the hardships things took a toll on the level of blogging I had that year.

Face 6:The Sixth Stitch: May 17th, 2010

Post Title: Happy 6th Year Blog-o-versary

I would like to take this post, the monumental post of my turning 6 years old to tell you all that I have quit my job :) The job that so desperately made me miserable is almost over I am serving my notice period and then I’ll be out since I’ve had it.  I can’t tolerate it much and think that it’s time I make a change.  Other plans are in store for me and let’s hope they become successful ones.  I need your prayers and best wishes everyone because this quitting thing is kinda scary makes one think that they are starting all over again.  All from scratch. What’s in store for this new year on my blog, well for starters I want to congratulate myself on staying a whole year and a half without changing my template hehe (which brings me to my next point) I had something prepared for today but unfortunately time is of the essence and it is not yet complete so let’s see when exactly you will see me in my new look, perhaps on the eve of my new job or the time where I will be unemployed.  Unfortunately I will not stay that way for so long but for a short period.

Life is back on track, I own the horse and I will set the speed at which I gallop through the rest of life.  I will be happier and I will achieve what I want most! Or so I thought :D But life restarted at that point which is great!

Face 7: The Forgotten Seven: May 17th, 2011

Post Title: [Non Existant]

I just realized that last year I did not celebrate my blog’s 7th birthday I am not sure what the hell happened but there is nothing there, I can’t believe it, I neglected my child.  I am a bad mother! But seriously I was going through something at the time with leaving the banking sector for good and all. But this year I’m back and better than ever.

Face 8: The Current Ages: May 17th, 2012

It’s the Jacqui you’re seeing today!

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  1. Very nice post. Great to see the evolution of your blog and yourself as a person. Hope this year brings you many great things and every year thereafter.

    • Thanks Gina, and I know it’s crazy but I evolved as well as my blog hehe :P Hope to see you back home soon I’m bored with only Lujain! :P

  2. now this blog should not be deleted, like ever, even when you become 50 or 70 (el3mr killa nshallah). coz it will remind you of you are, who you were & how your personality developed through out the years :)

    • I know hehe I love it so much and love the fact that I get to see myself grow up, I used to be one who gets angry, emotional and everything really quickly and now I am calmer and I kind of save up that energy for something else hehe :P

      This will forever be my online diary!

  3. We have all had our phases in all those times! Ur Dark & Evil times! And your normal times! hahaha They were all awesome!