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May 18, 2012  |  Blog News

Sometimes it helps to push yourself to the point where you achieve more and more and that is what I am hoping to do lately.  The start of this new year on my blog has me thinking of many things one of them is being more active, writing more, making the posts a bit shorter and definitely sweeter and getting rid of that lazy bug once and for all! So what better way is there than to prepare posts in advance, write every crazy thought that comes to mind, share and share some more, and definitely get these fingers tap dancing on that keyboard churning out jems.

Of course one important thing I will strive to maintain and that is:

Quality over quantity.

I will never sacrifice the quality of the post just for the sake of filling up the space available! Thus I hope you wish me luck and bear with me, I will try to figure out the ideal number of posts to publish per day but I promise it will definitely not be more than a maximum of 5, I personally go nuts if I see something more than that on a blog because I try to catch up with them daily.  Once that is done, I will definitely reward myself with something awesome! :P Mama needs some new shiny toys!

So for those of you just tuning in, buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the ride of your life.

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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. How can i say this in English? Humm

    فعلا .. الكمية ليست بمستوى الجودة
    خطتك أنا أعمل عليها من انشاء المدونة :)

    Your blog is a must read :) You gadget super freak girl :) hehehe

    Keep it up :)

    • Aww thanks dude! I love your blog and it’s one of the must-reads in my list hehe who else can I get the latest news from and you are one of those people who knows exactly how to write quality posts rather than quantity ones!

      Wishing you all the best and hope to see more greatness from you!

  2. This is amazing if applied . I wish you all the best creating and making your dreams into reality.
    I’m working on becoming active too and I’ll be watching your progress to encourage myself 😁

    • Yalla let’s encourage each other LOL! you become more active and I will be more! Hell I’ll comment on every new post of yours to get you to write more ;* And thanks for your kind words!

  3. You’re reading my thoughts walla….good luck friend

    U r a super blogger mashalla, you’ll do well

  4. Guess who took that decision one day before your post … Me ^_^ well ye . Becoming more active is a must specially when it comes to you Jacquie . One of the best bloggers in q8. Expecting more is what is on my mind for you. Best of luck my friend

    • Aww you guys are not so bad yourselves as well! And wishing you guys become more awesome! Hehehe the reason I’m taking this decision is because I have neglected my blog for more than 2 years now and I can seriously write and perform better if I just push myself to do it!

  5. that should have been years ago :P yalla it’s good that u woke up & decided to be more active, wishing u all the best :*

    • I got hit with the depression blues a while back and they just wouldn’t let go hence nothing awesome would’ve made its way here! But I’m back baby! Stella got her grooove back!

  6. Keep it up Jackie! Seriously I love the life you have brought back to your blog!

    I think it helps that you have a job that can work around your life! Never go back to a bank ever again, those were your dark ages! lol

    • I will definitely try my best to keep it up and rust me I will never go back to the Banking Sector again LOL! Hehe you’re right they were Dark Ages!

      I love the way this blog is breathing now! :D