Thank You Zain Kuwait

May 20, 2012  |  Birthday, Blog News

Late Saturday evening I received a wonderful surprise! At around 6PM Lujain calls me up at work and tells me that something cool just arrived, I was shocked and interested and asked her what it was, she told me all that was written on the box was “Madame Sucre” and my name.  I asked her to take a picture but she wouldn’t and told me to just hurry home and see for myself!

“Have patience” she actually told me.  So the moment I was done with preparing my pages I rushed home to see that it was a huge lovely cake from my favorite peeps over at Zain!

The awesome people at Zain Kuwait took my “8th Blog-o-versary” image and turned it into a lovely Red velvet cake! Needless to say after snapping endless shots I dug in with the family and enjoyed a delicious piece of it.  Now how will I ever finish this cake LOL! :P

Note to self: Remember to never ever eat red velvet cake in public because it will make a mess of my braces LOL! But seriously awesome delicious cake!

Thank you Zain for this lovely surprise! And thank you Madame Sucre for making it! It was absolutely delicious if only my other sisters F., Dee, and No.4 were here to enjoy this delight oh well that means more cake for me and Luji! :P

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  1. amazing cake!

    you deserve it 100% <3

  2. Well my dear you really deserve it! Enjoy it to the max & dont u ever think about the calories :) bel3afia :*

    • Allah e3afech and who said I think about calories hehe :P I happily ate two pieces hehe and was wondering how to deal with the rest then I remembered I don’t have to finish the entire cake today! :P

  3. WoooooooW you deserve it .

  4. Awesome! I hope you enjoyed the cake! I do love Red Velvet Cake! That was very nice of Zain! Like I said I love the people there, they are good people!

  5. What a nice gesture & yes, you totally do deserve it. And no, you don’t have to eat the whole cake today. Or ever, haha! Sharing is caring…(and less fattening)!

    • Hehe it was an amazing gesture and I didn’t eat the whole cake Lujain has eaten the majority of it hehe :P And yes sharing is caring too! :P

  6. Happy 8th Anniversary.
    late is better than never. sorry I was in Bahrain.. for a quick tanning project :)

    celebrate geek-ing around ;)

  7. Lovely cake for a lovely girl. Congratulations on 8 f’in years! Sorry this comment is late but you can blame my slooooooooooow Zain Internet at home. :P

    Love ya and here’s to another 8+ years. :D