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May 23, 2012  |  Online Shopping, Shout Outs

Shopping has gotten so much easier lately, you can literally sit there in your bathrobe with your hair all messed up and flying out of its place and purchase awesome goodness! Today I bring to you one of the latest Online Shopping websites: Zoogha Q8.

Desktop Version

It’s a fashion website that brings you the best of the Australian products available from Down Under.  They’ve got some awesome looking shoes and I’m seriously tempted to grab me some if only I wear heels full time (I quit heels once I started a Newspaper job LOL!)  So want to know more about them?

Who are they? A group of Kuwaiti friends who aim to get the best Australian products all the way from down under.  Creating a new variety in the Kuwaiti market and show you some products that you may have not seen before.

Why do they sell these items? We found out that the Kuwaiti market lacks the taste of the Australian touch.  That’s why they chose Australian designers as their main product lines among others.

Where are they located?  ZooghaQ8 is an online-based store, all you have to do is access it via your computer whether it is a desktop or laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone.  You will be able to navigate through their website wherever you are.

How long have they been in business? They just started!

So help them out, support them and don’t hesitate to give them a shout out!


Instagram (@ZooghaQ8)

Whatsapp: 50171508

Email: Zooghaq8@live.com

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