Ratings and the Elephant in the Room

May 28, 2012  |  Random, Rants
Blogging should and always is an outlet of getting your thoughts and ideas out there, not many will share those ideas and not many will even know that you exist.  Blog numbers are not the end of the world.

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What is Blogging? Dictionary.com states that a blog is the following:

a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.
No where in that description did it mention the importance of numbers, and yet it’s that silent elephant in the room. Alas, Numbers, numbers, numbers! Everything is about numbers nowadays and it’s crazy! I would totally understand if those numbers are helping a small business grow or helping some big company expand but since when has numbers been the main focus of blogging? Why is everyone focused on gaining the highest number of readers to measure their success and if they have not achieved it then they are a major failure!

In the recent months many blogs have taken it upon themselves to make up lists as to measure a blogs ranking or in other words “popularity”, based on their Alexa ratings, and everyone including myself have enjoyed basking in a sense of accomplishment if they appear on the list as one of the Top 10, 20, or even 50 blogs in the region.  But what is not understood is that a rating does not measure one’s sense of success.  Take me for example, my blog has been around for 8 long beautiful years, I have developed a loyal set of readers but I have never hit the high numbers I see those newbie bloggers “suddenly” hit, I can honestly tell you that there were times I would get 8,000 hits a MONTH! Let alone a day! Granted I wasn’t fully active for a while but that never hindered me or slowed down my love to blog.

In the past few days a blog has come alive dedicated solely to providing that information “with ad placements prepared already, numbers do bring in money after all”. What that newcomer has done incorrectly however is that they failed miserably in the act of becoming a neutral ratings source, some blogs, well known blogs that is, were excluded and some new blogs who God only knows from where they come have appeared.  That in turn doesn’t reflect the true rating, its rather a selective rating of what that Alexa generated calculating script that considers itself a blog (maybe their dictionary is different than mine). They took it upon themselves to generating this script for lack of better words dedicated to absorbing the Alexa ratings along with sharing the latest posts taken from the available blessed approved blogs.  So it has not only infringed on the major website Alexa it has also attempted to tackle on the responsibilities of our beloved Aggregator Botamba.  Some might argue that the internet is free and everything available is ownerless, but no, nope sir, not I! The internet is not your free junkyard to pick an idea and rename it as your own, there are certain etiquettes one has to follow, or else we can all go and live in the cave days where laws were non-existent.

What I see today is truly pitiful, Blogs are being created to measure your popularity, bloggers are copying posts from international blogs to gain more popularity not to mention the local thievery that is happening as well.  It is simply a sad era to be in, back in the beginning blogs were something to be cherished, ideas were shared, stories were told, and so much more.  There are a few bloggers out there who maintain that level of awesomeness and I will not name them so as not to be labelled as giving preference to friends or family.  I simply inquire you to be true to yourself, be true to this sacred (in my opinion) place online because know this, the words you write and the thoughts you share will forever be digitized and available for generations to come.  Do something useful with your life and don’t spend it on tabloid-style stories.
Word to the wise, if you want to lay low, lurk around, then snatch an idea, at least copy it right and be fair. Do not insult our intelligence.  And just simply put, do not copy others ideas and label them as your own creations!
Peace Out.


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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. From a technical point of view, and to be fair, if I was to build such a ranking website I would create a code that exactly measures visits rate, rate of returning readers..etc and ask every blogger to embed this code in the header part of his/her blog. (somehow similar to Google Analytics)

    Alexa’s ranking does not reflect an accurate rate of visits per a period of time, which gives a false rate of influence that advertisers and sponsors are relying on to place their ads on blogs/websites…etc. One more thing, I would build it to be ADS-FREE website offering statistics and reporting services :)

    Well said J :)

    • Exactly, that would be the correct approach, one that actually measures and creates a script that is unbiased and one that will probably do some good. And I totally agree Alexa has a weird calculation when it comes to calculating the rating and so it’s not an accurate source.

      Hehe about being an ads free website, well said! Seriously if you are there as a tool such as Google Analytics and Alexa why do you need to get advertisers? :P

      Thanks Dead pixels!

  2. I completely agree! I don’t get the point behind these hyper, popularity contests that seems to be an underlying theme in many blogger’s attitudes. I mean, sure, everyone wants to have a high readership and everyone loves knowing that their blog is being frequented often but it should not, by any means, comprise as the main goal of a blog.

    Part of the reason I think things like ratings and dry statistics have gained such an interest among bloggers is because many of them can’t wait to show advertisers how popular they are (even if these statistics are deeply flawed). And, while I definitely have nothing against ads in blogs, I DO take issue with ads being the main goal of any blog.

    Based on what very little experience I’ve had and what I’ve noticed based on other authentic blogger’s popularity (such as this here awesome blog), loyal readers will come and will multiply as long as you keep up a good pattern of frequent posting and also make sure to keep your content original, fresh, and unique to you and your voice.

    As long as you do that then you just have to sit back, relax, and watch the readers (and probably the advertisers) stockpile and your popularity grow for legitimate, hard-won reasons that will keep a blog happily up and running for something like 8 years (and beyond) ;)

    • Well said, and totally agree with it. It’s basically what I’m trying to portray and what I constantly tell new bloggers who are coming on the scene, it’s not about the events, numbers, gifts, etc it’s about sharing your message with the world.

  3. Agree! the 1st question people ask me, How many visitors you get ! not whats your blog about ? or what do u blog about ?

    People thinks on blogging as other source of income. Really C’mon.

    • Exactly, we need to spread awareness and change the perception from what does your blog bring in, to what is your blog about!

  4. Haaaaa? *dialing ur number* damn I know u’re sleeping right now! but I’m gonna call u eventually to know who’s that blog, Im just curious if my name appeared there LOL *jk*

    Well said my dear :*

    • You are there on the site, but to refrain from mentioning names here I will DM you it :D And it’s something I’m preaching about over and over again!

  5. Well said! And I think I’m writing more for myself these days then anyone else! loool!

    Sometimes its a ghost town but I don’t really care, its nice when people comment a lot or when you know people are reading but it isn’t the end of the world when there isn’t that many numbers!

    Plus I think your blog is awesome keep it up!

    • I know, I see that your writing has become more of wanting to document things happening in your life rather than just monetizing off of it. And trust me it will never be a ghost town as long as I’m here, I really really adore the fact that month after month you are the one with the most comments here and the one who visits every article even if it’s been published way too early in the month just to leave a comment, that is true readership and friendship really.

      And I think your blog is awesome too Jack Bauer!

      Peace Out James the First :P

  6. Well Well Well, :p

    First and Foremost THANK YOU ! this is really big issue happening Here NowAdays, The Ideology of blogging is quiet Different in kuwait…

    Blog = Gifts … ( idea of blog in kuwait )

    unfortunately thats whats happening here , Some news from newspapers , youtube Videos , posts from national blogs, and then what !!.. where is the creativity.
    the problem is with our society that they didnt understand the blogging in its true meaning!

    Blog Reflects its owner… I believe that every single human being in the world shoud start his own blog.. we are people , we are set of expriences and incidents happened throughout our lifetime , maybe some incidents happened for me could anyone face it in future so he can get use of my experience with it…

    i confess i started typically just like that.. then i realized that the blog is my space my own place to spread my words my thoughts and my ideas. not to post something i don’t know about ( Like Food :p ).

    i would rather have 30 viewers for my blog who get use of my content than 6000 viewers , for a video i posted…

    its 11:30 pm am in bed i found this post is saying what i wanted to say , i shared some of my unorganized thoughts , just wanted to say it out loud !

    thanks jacqui and god help you with my typos :p

    • Aww you didn’t have many! And I’m glad you found my topic helpful and useful that’s my aim for it! And I agree with whawt you’ve said.

      I do hope you continue blogging for yourself it’s amazing!

  7. Well said . This pre prepared ads spaces in a new blog is painful to see. The blog atmosphere has been polluted

  8. I do Agree with you..
    There few blogs out there where I can relate to the word “Blogging”

    Yes they do get invited, they attend, but they always come up with their own words rather than copying the press release and paste it!!!

    You and few others are still able to sit and write such posts, others are just another KuwaitPapaerDump!

  9. There is something wrong with that picture :P