The Art of Combatting Plagiarism

May 30, 2012  |  Plagiarism, Rants

I came home late last night, I didn’t know what’s happening really I spent the time watching my shows then hit the sack for lack of a better word.  I woke up this morning and found out that a blog (also for lack of a better word because in my opinion it’s not one) was going around copy-pasting content from other well-known blogs [not sure if I was hit by the copy/paste bug in that dark place] and placing it as their own.

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When are you guys going to learn that copy-pasting is the work of the devil!? When?! I swear I am tired of telling everyone out there that PLAGIARISM IS BAD! I just wanna have a big stick like the one Fred Flintstone has and go around wacking people with it, Marzouq will definitely help with that :P he likes smashing things don’t you dude?! :P

Anyways, some small things one can do to protect their content if you want to avoid such problem is install “Plugins” on your “WordPress” blog that will allow you to stop others from copying your content:

  • No Right Click Images Plugin:  What this plugin does is the following”No Right Click Images Plugin uses JavaScript to change the right click action on IMG tags to disable context menu. It disables the context menu on images only so other right click actions, such as links, should work normally. Since it uses JavaScript, it targets more images than using a plugin that filter pages and rewrite the tag.”

So to put it bluntly, this plugin disables people from right clicking and saving your picture and protects only that.

  • WordPress Protection [Security for your WordPress Site]: However gives you a full package: “WordPress Protection Plugin provides complete security for your wordpress website, so that the plagiarists could not copy the content and steal data or images from your wordpress site Pages. By using the WordPress Protection Plugin (Basic), you can only disable the text-selection and block the use of right click on your website.

Now this is the option I would suggest many of you to go with, I actually might install it myself, this disables every kind of stealing, content as well as images! And it’s rated highly! So if you’re on WordPress hurry up and grab it and protect yourself!

Plagiarists be warned, we’re coming after you!

Thanks to 7ajidude for raising this issue.

P.S. The blog has been removed and unfortunately I could not see it for myself to see if anything from my content was stolen there.  But oh well, at least it’s gone! That miserable sucker!

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  1. Wow! Thank you for all this helpful info! We really need about as much protection as we can get from people who try to steal our hard work and expect to do so without any later consequences! Its a sad state of affairs when a hometown blog tries to benefit off of another hometown blog and in such insane magnitudes, but thankfully this site will serve as a lesson to those who try and attempt the same acts of thievery in the future. You will get caught and we will fry you!

    And, if you’re interested in actually seeing some of the stolen blog posts, I made a post on my blog about this incident and provided a few screenshots as evidence. So they’re there for your viewing pleasure :p (link:

    • Your most welcome and I try to look at the bright side of things even though they plagiarized a lot of blogs out there but now you have a way to fight it there are tools if only we search for them!

      And thanks for the link will definitely check them out, although I see my blog was safe from all the thievery! :P

  2. Very well said! Plus I want those tools added to my list as well :P

    And this is one way to deter people, if that doesn’t work you got my way which also works! lol :P

    Hahaha I’m making demands these days! Seriously you write wonderful and very well broken down posts!

    • Hehehe will definitely add them, actually you can add them right now without anything! Will hijack your place and do that then return it back to you with Hello Kitty images! :P

      And your demands are my commands LOL! Hehehe I’m glad you like the well written broken down posts :P Woot woot!

  3. Jojo, try and right click on any of my pictures now ;)

    • Hehehe well done! :P Bs you have to disable the linking to the images I think bcos if I click on it directly it takes me to the image itself.

  4. Hi, i just thought i would give you a heads up that there is a work around for this copying images thing. I was reading Danderma’s post on the subject and i thought i would try it on my google reader and i am sorry to say i was able to copy her image. I just wanted you to know, in case someone figures it out. I don’t know how you can stop that, but consider this a warning on future attempts at copying. You don’t have to post this comment so that people don’t find out but you might want to spread the word around to the people thinking of using this plug-in.

  5. Disabling right click is not a good solution! I can’t open in a new tab :(

    And I can copy the content by simply doing CTRL+C or EDit > Copy from the menu.

    • You can always “Right Click” to open in a new tab by using the keyboard shortcut, on Mac’s it’s Command + Click to open a new tab when clicking on a link.

      And there are always ways around things but this is just a preventative measure.

  6. this is one cool anti plagiarize post.. i would like to whip some ass too :)
    I wouldn’t mind joinin ;)

  7. Hehehehe how cute…

    Just open the page’s source and copy paste (Or hell, Just disable JavaScript or just drag’n’drop)…

    • There are thousands of ways to steal as I said before and this was just a method some people can apply it and others can just leave it alone in the end it’s up to the site owner to do whatever they want.

  8. LooL
    Copy & Paste = Easy Way :)