[Apple WWDC ’12] The New iOS 6

June 12, 2012  |  Apple, iPad, iPhone, Software

The final part of WWDC 2012 featured the next generation of iOS named iOS 6.  In iOS6 we will see 200 more features than those we see today and during the conference we got a glimpse at some of them.  So without further ado, check out below to find out what’s new in iOS 6.

  1. Maps: Apple has decided to end it’s relationship with Google Maps and designed its own maps application that changes the way you see the world.  The elements are vector based so the graphics and text are well detailed and zooming in is smoother than before.  You can now get visual and spoken turn-by-turn navigation and real time traffic updates with an ability to re-route your destination.
  2. Siri: Siri will understand more languages and work in more countries as it will almost leave it’s beta stage.  It will also be available on the iPad.  Siri will provide you with the latest scores/stats for your favorite teams/players; show you the latest reviews and showtimes for your movies; find best restaurants and make reservations among other things.  It can even open your apps for you without the need to tap anything.
  3. Facebook Integration: Last year with iOS5 we saw Twitter getting a full integration with the iOS, this year we get to experience the whole thing over with Facebook.  You can now Share a photo from within your gallery, Post your location from within Maps, Share a link from within Safari and so much more.  Not only that but you can integrate Facebook Events with your Calendar and see your Friend’s profile information within Contacts app.
  4. Shared Photo Streams: You can show share selected photos with a specific audience by just simply selecting the photos from the Photos app, tap the Share button, and chose who you want to share the photos with.  Friends with iCloud and an iOS6 device or Mac running Mountain Lion will get to see the photos delivered immediately into their iPhoto/Photo app.
  5. Passbook: The most important feature I fell in love with and I found to be the next generation of everything happens to be Passbook.  With this feature your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and so much more can all be grouped in one place.  With the app you can scan your iPhone or iPod Touch to check in for your flight, get into the movie, or redeem a coupon.  It can also be location-based (i.e. You walk into Starbucks, your Starbucks card will pop up on the Lock Screen and you slide to open the app see the card right there to use it). Simply gorgeous!
  6. FaceTime: It will be available over cellular networks and not only Wifi.
  7. Phone: The Phone app will also receive an update in which it adds new calling features to your iPhone, when you decline a call you can instantly reply with a text message or set a callback reminder.
  8. Do Not Disturb: Now this feature I will absolutely love! When you are in a meeting or in bed and you do not want to be disturbed by the multiple notifications or calls or messages you can turn this feature on and it will block anything from showing up on your screen so you can be disconnected from the world for a temporary time period.  The added bonus is that you can time it so that it activates automatically for a scheduled time period.
  9. Mail: With Mail app you now have a VIP box which allows you to set up a list of VIP people whom you do not want to miss a message from.  You also have a special box dedicated to them.  Adding photos and videos to emails has now become easier and you can refresh your mailboxes by swiping down!
  10. Safari: A better browsing experience has just been achieved for the Safari app in which the newly announced “iCloud Tabs” will be available which keeps track of pages that are open on all your iOS and OSX devices.  Safari on your phone will save web pages not just links in your Reading list and you can now have an offline reading experience.  A full screen landscape mode has been added as well as an easier sharing experience from within the app.
  11. Accessibility: There is now Guided Access which makes the phone easier to use for people with vision, hearing, learning and mobility disabilities.  Kids with autism will have a better experience with using iOS devices as well as other users.
  12. Lost Mode: If you lost your phone you will now be able to find it easier by allowing the “Find My iPhone” app to send a message displaying a contact number which when clicked allows the person who found it to call you and tell you that they found your phone.
  13. Remodeled Stores: The App Store, iBooks Store, and iTunes Store will all get a facelift and be easier to navigate.
  14. New Features for China: Chinese users will benefit from a lot of new features I won’t really get into them but they include new fonts, integrated searching services, new dictionary, and more.

Those were only a few of the features mentioned in the keynote and more will be appearing later.  Currently it is available for iOS developers with a Fall launch date for the rest of the masses.  I’ll be installing mine sometime this weekend hopefully!


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  1. Your loving this iOS 6 update aren’t you! If you could I think you would live in Apple! hahaha!

    Those are some very cool new features! I think those will go very well with the new iPhone 5 that will probably be announced later in the year!

    I want me a new iPod Touch with 128 GB please, seriously, it would do wonders! I would be able to do wonders.

    Am I the only one who is sad that Apple is breaking the relationship with Google Maps! Honestly! Come on, it was a really good one, and even the Android camp doesn’t care but I honestly thought it was a good collaboration!

    • I was thinking the same way, but then Apple seems to be thinking of taking it way further

      lets see

      what they really need to do is catch up with Galaxy and HTC

      • Qabaq, I don’t think they need to catch up with Galaxy or HTC simply because they are still in the lead. Samsung and HTC launch a thousand units a year and each running a different software version whereas when Apple updates their software they make it available to all units with some minor setbacks due to hardware not being able to withstand the upgrades.

    • Hehehe who said I don’t live in Apple already?! :P Hehehe and they are nice I think there are more features that will come out specific to the next generation iPhone (I refuse to call it “iPhone 5”) and I am not sure we will see 128GB in the iPod Touch but then again I can be wrong hehe!

      The reason to breaking that relationship is that you don’t want to depend on your rival for something they provide you with when they can pull it away from you any day! Look at Microsoft they depend on their own “Bing” service and not Google’s!

  2. The event yesterday was really underwhelming. Apple has plateaued..

    Whats the point of the next iphone? a bit faster inside and slimmer? nfc and 4g which all phones have?

    iOS has been playing catch up with other mobile software for a while.

    -Ability to reject a call with text? Like really? Welcome to 2000
    -VIPS? You mean like gmail priority system? lol
    -Safari sucks. No flash, doesnt open everything. they basically copied googles tab sync.
    -shared photo stream? i cant see anyone using this who uses facebook and others. I mean how many places do you need to update your pictures in?
    -Do not disturb? its 2012 and apple just figured out people dont want to be bothered when they sleep?!?
    -lost mode? a failure like their old find my phone. cant do much.
    -new maps app? theyre using tomtom. it wont support kuwait as usual with all the bells and whistles. so pretty pointless?
    -passbook? because of all the places you could use it in kuwait and support it would get? lol

  3. what bothers me is they claim iOS 6 is the most advanced OS ever. maybe for apple..but for the rest of the world, im sorry it really isnt.

    • It is underwhelming to you simply because you’ve seen this technology available in other units whereas it isn’t underwhelming for Apple because what Apple does is try to improve on something that already exists. There will be changes things will wow you but you have to give them time.

      I believe they saved their best for the iPhone announcement event later on this Fall.

  4. I’m SO Excited! Can’t wait! I’m going to love that DO NOT DISTURB Feature!

    • I will absolutely enjoy that feature simply because Daddy sometimes forgets himself and messages my sisters at around 3AM and I am trying to sleep LOL! Granted they are in the US at the moment so that’s normal day for them hehe but not me!