Happy Birthday to My Bestie Swera

June 21, 2012  |  Birthday, Friends

In the past two years I have re-met a lovely wonderful amazing young woman called Swera, we reconnected via a mutual friend (Thanks Swair for that Baby Shower of yours years ago!) and rekindled our non-existant friendship which should’ve occured during our college years.  You see both Swera and I went to Kuwait University and studied English Literature the only thing was we never ran in the same circles, we had similar classes (Shout out to: Dr. Jamal Bouresli’s class I want to say Modern Drama but I forget :/) but we never saw each other, other than for the occasional hello.

The moment I found out she was a blogger we started to rekindle our relationship and establish a friendship I am proud to say that is so strong (mashalla, knocks on wood) that I consider her my sister more than my friend.  I am very proud to have known such an amazing woman, proud of the person she has become, of the obstacles she has surpassed and will continue to be proud of the woman she will be, the loving mother and so much.  It is on this lovely day that said friend is turning a year YOUNGER!  And I would like to be one of the first to wish her a “Happy Birthday” in my special way! So without further ado!

Happy Birthday Babes :*** I wish you the happiest 19th Birthday ever! And may all your wishes come true! (Not that you need anymore since you have me in your life :P Hehehe)

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  1. wahahahahahahaha bada3tay Jumanooo LOL :Pp

    Loved the 19th birthday :D

    7abeebti, wallah there’s a tear hanging out of my left or right eye (can’t recall) hehe!

    Thaaank u sweetie for this lovely post, nshallah our relation will continue to be strong & grow in time!

    The card is really to die for … im melting :D

    • Ba3ad hatha el sej we are now in our Teens! :P

      Hehehe o the minute I saw these owls I went crazy over them! I thought perfect for you! Shfeech wa7ed shayelech cake, wel thany balloons, wel thany gifts hehe :P Edal3ooonich! :P

      O ya rab ma efaregna o yeb3ed 3ana kel shar enshalla!!! :** I love you and wish you all the best!

      It must’ve been the right eye (kelesh I was sitting right there next to you! :P)

  2. Happy Birthday Swera :)