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June 25, 2012  |  Creative, Random

I sorely miss my creative writing days, if you search the “Creative” category on this blog you will see some short stories I wrote a long time ago.  I have a story in mind and I have already written the introduction to it, but I sorely need a new name to call it.  I am hoping to launch this bad girl later on today I am just in the final stages of choosing a name for the series and whatnot.

Are you excited? Would you love to read a nice short story here? Of course once it starts it will be a weekly thing, I will give you a glimpse into the lives of the characters every week and bring you a new “adventure” per say.  I for one am excited, what about you?

So until we meet again this evening, I bid thee adieu!

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  1. YES PLEASE! Your writing as far as the blog goes is fantastic so I can only imagine what awesomeness you’ll bestow upon us all with your creative stuff! Can’t wait! ;)

    But, word of advice? Make sure you copyright or protect your creative work. Plenty of internet trolls out there fishing for unprotected, anonymous creative writing to plaster their names onto. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

    • Aww thanks sweetie, the post is up and you can check it out and enjoy it! I will look into copyrighting my creative work though it’s just going to be difficult because there will always be a loophole!