Happy Social Media Day ’12

June 30, 2012  |  Greetings

It is officially June 30th and thus the third annual Social Media day!  You might be wondering what is “Social Media Day” well to answer your wandering mind, back in 2010 Mashable decided that since there was no official Social Media Day that they would dub June 30th as such a day.



It is a day set to connect with other enthusiasts in your area by arranging meet ups.  Shortly afterwards the world heard the social cry and Canada officially named June 30th as Social Media Day.

If you are constantly found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Pintrest, Tumblr, Blogs, YouTube, Google+, and any social platform then today is a day for you.  It’s a celebration you have to partake in because seriously without those social platforms your life will be a boring potato.  So I’d like to wish you all a very “Happy Social Media Day” and keep on socializing digitally!

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  1. Happy Social Media day to you dear :*