Zain Celebrates Social Media Day

July 1, 2012  |  Events, Social Media

Zain Kuwait being one of the first companies in Kuwait to fully utilize the true use of Social Media held together a gathering of social media activists whether they were Bloggers, Tweeters, Instagrammers, YouTubers, or simply professionals running their own Social Media companies to celebrate the Global Social Media Day on June 30th.  The event was held in Al Hamra Tower 55th Floor in the Sky Lobby, so not only do you get awesome an awesome socializing event but you also get one with a view!

Upon arriving, Lujain and I met with our friends the other bloggers, hell if I was going to list the number of people I said hello to it will truly be a long post.  But anyways *waves hello to everyone!* The event was beautifully set and catered by local small businesses, there were literally many to list a few: Gelato Italiano, Rice Pudding Factory, Neqsa, Kiwi Bakery, Pick-Yo Frozen Yoghurt, The Pantry, Gathering, Al Foz Kitchen, and Vinox Chocolatier. [For a full list and contact information my pal PinkGirlQ8 has more information of course it’s in Arabic]

Our host for the evening was the amazing, the awesome, the cool (I think I went on enough right? :P) Omar Al Othman or as I like to call him Omarker!  Who gave us interviews with Fatima Al Othman from F20 Designs, Yaqoub Abdulla (the actor), among other individuals.  There was also a raffle that was held in which I actually won something.  I couldn’t believe it really (more on that later).

After that segment one of the amazing individuals on the Zain Social Media Team Mohammed Al Muhaini came back on stage to give us bits and pieces about what this event was about and to introduce the final segment which was the “Sheno Ya3ne” Stand Up Comedy team. We literally had a lot of fun and laughed our heads off.

Once the event ended we continued to socialize and had some awesome num num’s hehe (aka food!) And by that time Instagram came back on (oh wait didn’t I tell you, Instagram was down for more than 12 hours on Social Media Day!) Before we left we got a chance to view a cool video made by Ali Mubarak about Bloggers and Blogging in Kuwait it was hilarious and for all intents and purposes just a parody of what happens in a Bloggers life.

Back to me winning, I was the prize before last and when Omar was calling out my number “584” I actually heard it as “581” so I was ignoring it a bit but Swera nudged me and told me “it’s you go get up there!” so I headed up on stage and picked up my prize which turned out to be an Android Tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, talk about Karma hehe Apple freak winning an Android.

All in all it was an awesome day, I did not snap a lot of pictures simply because I wanted to enjoy myself and mingle around but still I am proud with what I have hehe.  Thanks to the Zain Social Media Team: Hala, Nasser, Mohammed, and everyone else for this lovely evening and hope to see you again next year!

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  1. Pleasure to see you there and nice coverage :)

  2. Good to see you all :)
    Tbee3eena ??? :))) hehehe

  3. Nice coverage, Android is hunting u no matter where u go :p

  4. Hahahahah ;p

    It was fun seeing you alll

    Thanks J

    • OMG Omar commented here! OMG that’s amazing no just kidding hehehe and you are not welcome :P You were bad and I didn’t like you….

      Of course just kidding but in reality not but I am :P

  5. was really nice meeting you ;) Lovely photos ;)

  6. cool .. 3alekom bel 3afia

    and congrats for the galaxy you won ;) .. try it out and let me know .. i’m thinking of getting one :p

  7. had a great time really thats fun

    hahaha thanks for the good time congrats J for the gift mee to i won galaxy SIII :p

    i cant believe it really

    • Aww thanks dear and congrats on your gift hehe unfortunately mine went to my father LOL! :P And it was such a surprise, great seeing you from a far and welcome to my humble abode! :D

      • pleasure to meet yoy far away

        up coming event well be meet inshalla

        my galaxy i gave it to my lil sis she’s very happy

        thanks zain kuwait & thanks for the social media team in zain for this great event big thanks to Mr/ Mohammed Al-Muhini , Mr/Nasser Al-Mutawa & Mrs/ Hala

  8. It was great seeing everyone! And always good to catch up, the event was amazing really!

    Next stop turning Sky 55 into a club! lol

  9. Nice shots it was nice running into you.

  10. Well , it was a really good event , we really enjoyed it , and congrats you won the Tab :p

  11. Was a very lovely event, met alot of new people :) Gotta thank Zain for that!


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