[Events] Zain Celebrates Chocolate Day

July 10, 2012  |  Events, Food

Earlier this week I was invited by the Zain Social Media gang (yes they are my gang now! The amount of time spent with these awesome individuals has made us more like a family now) to celebrate Chocolate Day on July 8, 2012.  The celebration took place at The Chocolate Bar in Al Bidi3 and luckily enough I was able to attend with my trusty sidekick Lujain.

Luckily for us, the invitation was Lady Bloggers only and that made the atmosphere a bit more relaxing (sorry guys you just make everything blah :P Just kidding) and it was like meeting up with the gals to sit around and have a nice conversation with some decadent chocolate.  I felt nostalgic for Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar in New York and wished I was able to transport there because their chocolate is nothing like I’ve tasted here in Kuwait but nonetheless the company was awesome.  I was able to socialize with bloggers who have become my friends and new ones who I merely just met.


Nothing to report other than an awesome night with the most amazing company and some yummy chocolate.  Everything was fun especially the cakes that were prepared specifically for the occasion not to mention the celebrity appearance made by the one and only “Bo Throos” (a local celebrity stuffed animal who made the rounds a few weeks back on different blogs when he visited various bloggers and spent a day with them).

Thanks Hala and Bibi for the amazing night and hope to see you again!

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  1. ohhh how come i missed !!! i hope you all had fun sis