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July 12, 2012  |  Books, Events, Food, Friends, Fun

Late last evening (July 11) I was invited by the amazing Danderma to attend a special gathering geared towards the launch of Book II of the ‘Dathra’ series also known as “The Chronicles of Dathra – a dowdy girl from Kuwait” (Yawmeyat Wa7da Q8eya Dathra).  Now that the book is out from the printers edited and beautifully designed by the amazing Fatima Al Othman from F20 Designs some of ‘Dathra’s’ fans and close friends gathered to celebrate.  It also was a mini-early birthday celebration for Danderma as her birthday will take place next week.

The real story doesn’t take place with what happened at the party.  In fact it takes place in the preparations leading to the party.  You see, ever since I saw some of the rag dolls that my aunt made in her spare time (yes my aunt enjoys crafting and it’s more than a hobby to her) I thought how nice it would be to have a ‘Dathra’ doll made to present to the ever so lovely Danderma.  So I put her on that task, sent her the picture of the book and told her to create her magic.  Needless to say when I got the invite I then put a rush on that order and so my aunt whipped out this amazing doll in a mere 4 hours and with only 1 day of crafting.  To her it’s not perfect as she is a perfectionist but in my eyes she looks exactly the same as the real character.  Thus the doll was born and became my plus one for the gathering.

Keeping a secret is a hard thing for me so yesterday it was all over instagram the doll that I had my aunt make and everyone was ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over it hehe.  I was excited to bring her along to the gathering where good food, amazing company, and insanely awesome fun was had.

That cup reminds me of going to “Farah” Restaurant and ordering Mango-Strawberry Mixed Fresh Juice!

Coconut Sweet that we all know and miss!

The theme was “Dathra” in other words “oldies” or “messiness”, and we had to come dressed in something as such.   The decoration, food, and even goodie bags were consistent with the theme where we had old food and stuff that were smushed together really hehe imagine sambosas in one hand and balalee6 in the other (not sure what it translates into in english).

The Best Drink EVER! Sunkist!

Dessert in the form of Ice CREAM!

More Ice Cream! Remember those!

There has to be oldie sweets and some tea & coffee to go with them.  In this case it was Elba and Mahalabeya made by Al Noury

While I enjoyed my Mahalabeya I noticed that Dathra was doing something as well!

 Holding her own fan and eating both Elba and Mahalabeya! (Reminded me of a part in the book LOL!)

Birthday Cake brought by Ansam to hold an early celebration of Danderma’s Birthday!

I decided to take the theme of the gathering to the extreme and got dressed in the most mismatched outfit ever.  As did some of my friends, Dudette, PinkGirlQ8, Swera, and Danderma of course.  The others Ansam, Al Noury, The Side Talk, Just Noon and Um 3azoz weren’t as extreme and crazy as we were.


Dudette and her messiness! Her shirt said “I’m Not Lazy, I’m Just Kuwaiti” Hehe hilarious!

My outfit with the pink feather boa & PinkGirlQ8’s old outfit! I can’t believe I immortalized this!

A competition was conducted at the end of the event and a prize was to be won, unfortunately I tied in second with Dudette and the Crazy Swera won! She won an Apple TV! Yes the horror, an apple product that didn’t go to my humble home!  But I do hope she enjoys it!

Who had the most “Dathra” clothes in the gathering?

The votes are all in!


And the winner is Swera!

She won this Apple TV! And I haz jealous but then again I already have the previous model! :P

All in all it was an insanely amazing evening really, and I got to take home the second volume or rather book two of the “Dathra” series along with a special newly designed copy of book one.  The funny story is that my first copy spent an entire year with Danderma as I was the first to bring it here in Kuwait back in May and insanely enough I never did get it back until today hehe! I can’t wait to cuddle up in my new reading nook and re-read the story again!

Just like my first copy which was signed back on May 8th 2011, this lovely piece of work is signed just for me! YAY!

For those of you who want to purchase the second volume it is out at 52 Degrees so hurry up and grab one! Amazon will soon have it online.

Thanks to Danderma for the most awesome night ever and to all the girls in attending for the fun we had!

Thanks to Swera for allowing me to steal two of her images LOL! :P

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  1. I still haven’t read her first book!
    Is it in English or Arabic? I’m guessing Arabic, if so, kindly ask her to release an English version :p xx

    • Its in English but the first book wasn’t edited professionaly so you would have to excuse the mishaps! The second one is professionally edited and proofread though!

    • As Danderma mentioned it’s in English and there are some mentions of “Arablish” but translations are available in the footnotes.

  2. Awwww!! This looks like fun!
    aslan I love what Swera’s wearing ;D

  3. Jax, your plus one, Dathra doll, was the star of the night!

    Thank you so much for everything and so glad you had fun! Sorry about the APple Tv though… my giveaways seem to evade you for some reason :p

    • Hehehe aww your welcome and I knew she would’ve been the star of the night! :P She’s awesome like that! I’m just glad she didn’t embarrass me like she did her mother at the hospital reception when she ate all the chocolate, remember that? :P

      And it’s okay hehe your giveaways hate me for some reason!

  4. neyahahahaha eat your heart out :P I spent the whole night yesterday setting it & trying it for the 1st time, husband estanas 3aleh :)

    It was a great evening, we all had fun :D

  5. Jacqui! Your look was amazing! Every time I discover a new layer, or see a feather on the floor I burst into laughter! It was a nice dinner gathering :) Inshallah I post my humble pics soon too

    • Hehehe I know it was a blast from the past as they say hehe :P And loved your post too! Oh and I will tell her about the doll! :D

  6. Oh and the doll is just amazing! Tell your aunt :D

  7. we sure had lots of fun miss blast from the past ;)