The Making of the Dathra Doll

July 12, 2012  |  Creative, Cuteness

I mentioned in my previous post about how I wanted to create something special for my good friend Danderma who wrote the series “The Chronicles of Dathra: a dowdy girl from Kuwait” and the thing that came to mind is immortalizing her “Dathra” into a doll. But the task was not as easy as one would think.  Well actually it kind of is for me!

You see my aunt enjoys crafting (my only aunt from my father’s side that is) and she has embarked on numerous projects one of which was rag dolls.  I was standing there in her craft room where I saw a couple of rag dolls which she made earlier I was enticed and thought she would be the best person for the job.  At first I wanted to learn how to make a doll but receiving the invitation and having only a few days to prepare everything I left her in charge.  I picked up the phone and called in the order “Hi Auntie, I want one ‘Dathra’ doll please! Hold the fries :P” (I’m kidding I didn’t say “hold the fries!”).

Normally she would spend a week studying the image and preparing the project running a couple of rough drafts before the final result.  Unfortunately I gave her less than 48 hours to do that.

The face is the essence of the doll, it was all hand drawn on it.

She spent a day studying and testing it out where a doll was made that had a head too small for it’s body hehe, that project was thrown out and a new one was started.  The one which took 4 hours to finish and looked more beautiful than ever! In my eyes it was absolute perfection, in hers it needed a bit more work but being that we were running out of time we had to leave it there.

When Dathra was a sack of potatoes, oops I mean she had no feet at that stage!

The day I was to pick up the doll I went to the Avenues to shop around for an outfit, as we were running out of time we didn’t have a chance to sew a dress for her.  The dress she was wearing on the book that is.  So I raced around, first stop was “Build-a-Bear” where I found this amazing cute Abaya and Head scarf which I purchased.  I then went to a couple of baby stores Mothercare, Baroue to name a few but didn’t find the right outfit.  I ended up finding a shirt that was made for an 18-month old child which was perfect if only the color was a bit lighter at Carrefour.  I took it back home fixed it to fit “Dathra” and viola she was born!

The dress I had altered to fit her perfectly!

The Abaya and Head scarf which have her ready for Ramadan Season! I seriously gasped when I saw her all dolled up!

The whole fiasco was insanely fun and I am just glad that Danderma truly enjoyed it because she’s going to live with her forever now!

Stay tuned for a special project to be made for me! :P Woot woot!

Thanks to my Aunt HSG for creating this awesome masterpiece and for Danderma by allowing me to use the image on her cover to produce this.

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  1. Aww… u were shopping all around the avenues to dress Dathra! Now I’m even more touched!

    You know I cannot even BEGIN to express how much I loved having Dathoora there in the flesh -you know what I mean- looking at us. After all you guys left I began talking to her and showing her around the house :p

    Dathoorty is unique and she is all MINE <3

    Thank you gorgeous! And thank your talented aunty from me… and I suppose you have seen the back of your, erm, book 1 by now! Sorry about that I left it in the car and came back to that!!!! The sun actually melted the back of the book!!!

    • Hehehe yeah you should see me running around buying stuff and looking for stuff. People who would stare would think I was buying it for an actual child LOL! Little did they know it was for a grown up doll! :P

      And she absolutely is.. in the words of Pink Girl, she’s “limited edition” hehe!

      I did I thanked my Aunt and she thought you were going to give her away in a competition I told her nope the plan was for me to give her to you to enjoy! Hehe I knew the moment she made it into your home it will be hard to remove her from your grasps LOL!

      And I just saw that today, a whole day after the gathering LOL! Wow it really did melt hehe :P But I’m glad it did hehe so I can get the new cover! I absolutely love the F2ODesigns illustrated covers!

  2. wanasa etyanen dathoor
    ur aunt did a great job y36eha al3afya o u did also with the amazing outfit u choose :D
    3leha bel3afya dande o waiting for ur doll jakjok :*

    • I know allah e3afeech babes hehe o la etshofeeni walla atha7ek kent running around Avenues LOL! :P

      O don’t worry fee a small surprise for you too! :P

  3. LOOOOL cuuuuuuuute :*