[Ramadan TV] The Updated 2012 List

July 20, 2012  |  Ramadan TV

This is the FINAL version of the updated list, so far all the shows in the Khaleeji section have been reconfirmed but in case any changes should happen I will alert you all. [The Previous List] (The Previous List was also updated so if you go there instead of here, they are all final versions)

Note: “Saher Al Lail 3” on Al Rai aired earlier today at 3:30PM right after the Prayers but on the website it is still at 3:50PM Therefore I will not change it yet, it might be a one time thing.

Note 2: In case there are mistakes, please bear in mind that networks do change timings as they go along the day and this is just to help you plan around your day.  If you would like start tuning into the channel 15 minutes earlier because as the Fitour time changes the shows start earlier.

Note 3: All Timings are in GMT +3 (Kuwat Time)

Note 4: If you are curious as to where to watch shows other than on the TV channels, I prepared a post for that as well [Click Here]

The Arabic/Cartoons list however has some missing show timings, there are networks (Funoon TV, MBC) who have not disclosed all their timings on their websites or in other channels therefore I have the timings that were listed from other credible sources. Also I have changed the location of Mosalsal “Omar” from the bottom of the list to right below the “Cartoons”.

You know the drill, right click and save as!

I added more shows to the Khaleeji and Arabic List so be sure to search for them.  Otherwise good luck with it all!

I slaved long and hard on these lists therefore please please do not remove my watermarks and take all the credit for the hardwork I spent.  I should not be saying this but unfortunately people have to be told as to how to behave.

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  1. Thank you so much for your hard work its really appreciated ;)

  2. Omar is at 10 pm on mbc

  3. Great job! thank you for the effort :)

  4. i think khaleje shows are shallow and full of stupidness

    thats why i watch western shows

  5. بقتها

    Thanks a lot for this amazing job :)

  6. Bravo..

    This is very very very helpful for us people that are always on the run and don’t know when to catch the shows ..

    a big thank you to you!

  7. :D thank you & tra begta :P

  8. Amazing things here. I’m very glad to peer your article. Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  9. What a wonderful list! As a non-Arabic reader is often difficult to find out when these shows are coming on and I LOVE them! I have also posted this list on my blog, of course giving you complete credit. I hope you don’t mind.

    Again, thank you for this wonderful list!!


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