[Shout Outs]Gulf Bank’s Ramadan Spirit

July 20, 2012  |  Shout Outs, Social Media

Every year we get to see awesome Gulf Bank TV ads and this year we see a cool one as well (but in my opinion last year’s baby was awesome!) Abdullah Rwaished is singing in one of their ads and I likes it very much.  By now you know which ad will belong to which company by the brand image they display.  So without further ado, enjoy the ad below.

But wait that’s not all, this year Gulf Bank has an Instagram Photo Challenge competition in which there will be 29 winners who have a chance to win a daily prize of a 100KD Al Shaya gift card, the prize goes to the picture with the highest number of likes. Just make sure to tag your image with #GBphotoaday! Enjoy!

“Share your precious moments of Ramadan in our Instagram contest.  Be one of the 29 winners of Gulf Bank’s Instagram contest during the month of Ramadan.  The daily prize of a KD100 Al Shaya gift card goes to the picture with the highest number of likes.”

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  1. I agree this one of the most enjoyable TVC this season!

    I especially liked the Instagram day challenge.