The Couch Re-Imagined

August 19, 2012  |  Blog News

A while back I felt that my header has gotten too long for my blog it took up most of the screen as it was almost 500 pixels in height and therefore I enslaved my younger sister #4 (a.k.a. N) to come up with a new concept.  I tried to make my own but she thought it was too cluttered and worked her magic on it.

The vision is cleaner this time with a retina display ready image, it looks that much sharper and better.  It might take a bit longer to load but that’s the price I have to pay I guess.  Sister #4 wasn’t the only one who contributed to this header the main contribution and the re-vision of it was a product of my father’s artistic eyes.  He gave us the pointers to shift something to the left or to the right and change things around.

Now that everything has a cleaner place what do you think of this upgrade?

I personally find it a vast improvement than the previous one with more focus on the couch, because in reality that’s where all my laziness takes place.  I procrastinate life on that couch and well I think anyone who visits procrastinates there too.

So, thanks Daddy and Sister #4 for all your help it was very useful and yes I may be a beast when it comes to picking things left and right but in the end the result is brilliant!

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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. i LOVE it! so clean and sharp!

  2. دائما مبدعة

    سويلي واحد مثله بس بدل الايفون والايماك حطيلي
    جالاكسي اس 3 وجالاكسي تاب وجهاز ويندوز


    • Hehehe 3ad etsadeg yeah you are the complete opposite of me hehe :P Samsung + Windows o ana Mac eb Mac! :P

      O testahal akthar hehe :P Thanks for loving it!

  3. طبعا كل هذا الشغل والاستشارات ببلاش ما دفعتي ثمن العمل حق اختك اللى سوت كل الشغل هي صاحبة الفكرة
    شكرا رقم ٤
    انتي مبدعة دائما

  4. I really like what you have done with the place! Really cleaned it up!

    I honestly enjoy the upgrades u do to your site! Keep it up! Your banner is like the product line of Apple! Past & Present! Lol

    • Aww thanks dude! I enjoy making the upgrades hehe and it sure has cleaned up! It just looks more crisp and awesome!

      And yeah I agree hehe my dream banner would be the couch in the Apple Store! :P

  5. I’m actually surprised you’ve settled for a blog design this long instead of changing them (I’m the one doing that now). And in a way I’m glad you did cuz this suits your personality and blog perfectly. I’ve just always been curious about something (unless it’s a trade secret), do you hand draw your graphics using a tablet? I noticed most of the designs you do in other blogs also look hand drawn graphically.

    • I know it’s been close to 4 years now with this design hehe I change mainly the header and background hehe it’s just a good theme and I am sticking with it hehehe. And nope I don’t hand draw the designs, I find great vectors online most of which cost some $$$ so I purchase them and build around it.. Some of which I change to suit what I want :D

      • Oh ok… well still the designs are pretty good mashallah :) I try to improvise on banners I find. I don’t know anything about CSS but from tinkering with it I know how complicated it can be!

  6. Nice header update. Just wondering what’s behind the 3 clocks all showing the same time?

    • No specific reason hehe just to balance the top out a bit and I would’ve changed the time on two of them to show Cupertino time and New York but was a bit lazy :P

      • Another tiny thing. Why priority for ‘Arial’ over ‘Helvetica’ for body text? Apple fans don’t do that :p

  7. Okay, the design is more relaxing & easy to the eyes but honestly I liked the size of the older one more :)