[TV] Fall 2012 TV Premiere List

August 30, 2012  |  TV

My favorite time of the year is back! September is coming and so are my favorite TV shows! I know that most of you have been impatiently waiting for the TV premiere dates list and well I have finally finished it after endlessly collecting all of the dates of when the shows are back.  Mostly everything will start coming back by end of September I guess the main reason for that is the fact that the Paralympics are going on right now and once they are done it’ll be end of September.  So keep an eye out starting the middle of the month for your favorites.

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Personally my favorite show: The Vampire Diaries won’t be back until the beginning of October and I can’t wait for it! There are many mid-season shows with no premiere dates yet so what I have decided to do this year is keep them out of this list and in a few days I will release my “What’s On Every Night” list which basically puts everything I watch on a big sweet looking chart.

No highlighting is seen on this list, the brand new shows are available in green whereas the shows who are concluding their run are available in red.  I added some shows I don’t watch just for the sake of it being universal and well the list is available in 1920 x 1200 pixels which means you can download it and use it as your wallpaper.  It’s uni-sex hence anyone can just download it and put it up and not worry about it being too girly, I was never a girly girl!

So what are you waiting for? What are the shows you can’t wait to see back and what are the shows you can’t wait to glimpse.  Personally from the new list I find that “Arrow” is going to be promising as well as “Beauty and the Beast”.  I just saw the pre-air episode of “The New Normal”, “Go On”, and “Animal Practice”; each and every one of those shows are promising so who knows.

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  1. 3ad tadreen I was going to search for the dates bs I was so lazy hehe! Thanx love :* you rock :D