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August 31, 2012  |  TV

It’s no secret that I watch a lot of TV shows, hell I am not sure how I can manage that, I will be following 116 shows (those with premiere dates) there is a list of 12 shows which will come mid-season and who knows what will happen when they come on board not to mention the strays that stumble upon the list here and there.

Now that you have enjoyed the previous “Fall Premiere Dates” list I have brought you a brand new one showcasing everything that airs on everyday of the week.  I maintained the order of the previous list in which the newest shows appear on top (the ones that will air this September onwards) and below them are mid-season shows with some summer shows thrown in the mix.  I like to glance through my entire list and know what I’m watching.

The 12 mid-season shows that did not make it onto the list are:

Misstress, Red Widow, Zero Hour, Golden Boy, Friend Me, Hannibal, Save Me, 1600 Penn, Next Caller, Do Not Harm, Infamous, and Cult.

I created more than one version of the list with different sizes to better suit your needs, I remember last year most of you enjoyed it and therefore I thought why not do it again.  I am proud of this.  I am not sure if I will make an iPad version or not but for the time being I will settle on these.  Any comments or what not don’t hesitate to drop a line.

Again, remember if you’d like to share them be sure to LINK BACK and source it :D Hard work is seriously hard work.


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  1. Great job but can we get a key that isnt green and red for us colorblind peoplev

    • Ali.. the explanation is on the right.. Green is for new shows and red is for final seasons

    • Sorry hehe didn’t know there were color blind people but there is a key stating that “Green” are new shows and “Red” are shows that will end this season.

  2. Amazing Job.. Thank you for saving our “butts” helps tremedoulsy.. do you watch them all from Itunes? or got another source..

    • Thanks dear and no unfortunately I am not that rich to watch from iTunes.. I download most from torrents really but my favorites get ordered later on once the DVDs are out.

  3. 112 + 12?

    You are aware life exists outside your room? =P

    • Yes I am aware LOL! But I manage to watch all of those and maintain a life hehe :P I dunno how I do it but I hear multitasking is awesome! :P

  4. i think you made a boo boo. dexters is running for one more season. last season ends on 2013 december.

    anyways great job.thanx