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September 7, 2012  |  Kindle, New Products, Techie

The day has arrived which most book-lovers (or in this case e-Book lovers) have been waiting for! The day Amazon unveiled their latest lineup for their Kindle reader family.  We noticed the launch of 6 different Kindle devices and each had a special something which set it apart from the rest.  If you were following me on Twitter earlier this evening you might have noticed me flooding you with constant tweets about the happenings of the event, for once there wasn’t a flood of updates from other users who wanted to join in on a “habba” maybe it’s because the Kindle is not insanely popular in this region or maybe because we don’t have a lot of readeres here!

Anyways Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon took the stage today and unveiled what they’ve been working on these past few months something which left me craving new e-Book readers and finding a way to justify my acquiring them.  We were finally given a glimpse at the Kindle Paperwhite which is Amazon’s way of firing back at Barnes & Noble’s Nook; then an updated regular Kindle which saw a 10$ price cut; an updated Kindle Fire, and the unveiling of the Kindle Fire HD 7″ and 8.9″ models.  Both the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD come in Wifi Only and 3G models. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Kindle Paperwhite

As the name suggests this e-Ink reader comes with a much sharper, clearer  display where the whites are certainly more whiter and the blacks more blacker.  A revolutionary built-in front light has been added to illuminate the screen and allow you to read better in the dark.  (I personally had to resort to reading on my Kindle Fire  at night since I don’t feel like turning on my night lamp and enjoying the Kindle Keyboard during the daytime but now I don’t have to sacrifice that because the Paperwhite allows me to enjoy reading in the dark as well as during the day time.) There are two versions available both a wireless only model and a 3G+wireless model along.

So this reader comes with 25% better contrast for sharper darker texts; 6 new font styles with 8 adjustable sizes; 8 week battery life even with the light on; 2GB of storage; supports children’s books and includes the new parental controls. The prices are as follows:

The $69 Kindle

The next update was for the previously known as $79 Kindle in which it received an updated set of fonts, 15% faster page turns and a $10 price cut.  This model does not have a built-in front light to light up the screen and comes with buttons to navigate your pages and whatnot. This model would make the ideal present for anyone you know who would love to take a dip into the reading pool or even to younger kids as it’s kid-proof. The battery also lasts up to 4 weeks which is great for its price.

So with this model you get 15% faster page turns, a 6 ounce lighter than paperback e-Reader that fits perfectly in your pocket, with new darker hand-tuned fonts. The prices are:

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire received the most modest update in which anything it got was internal, a faster processor, 2 times more RAM, 40% faster performance and a longer battery life.   It has integrated support for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and more along with access to a new feature called “Kindle FreeTime” which allows parents to personalize the tablet with multiple profiles for their kids and set daily screen limits for different activities.  It’s available free on every Kindle Fire and comes starting next month.  Battery life is said to last 8.5 hours continuous use. The prices are:

Kindle Fire HD

Finally, the newest product happened to take shape in the Kindle Fire HD which battled out the Google Nexus 7 but at the same time was in a class of its own.  The Kindle Fire HD comes in two sizes a 7″ model and an 8.9″ model and is literally one of the best tablets for its price.  It features a storage capacity starting at 16GB comes in a Wifi only, and 4G model with different storage sizes being available.  There is a front-facing camera along with built-in Skype software, exclusive Dolby audio, dual stereo speakers, and insanely fast Wi-Fi.   Battery life is said to be at 11 hours of continuous use along with a new slimmer design. The prices for the different models are:

So what are you waiting for? Order one, in the next post I will explain which is the better option for which type of reader.  I personally have tried all of the previous models and know which I prefer.

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  1. 7asafa the $69 Kindle doesn’t have the built-in front light :( i like the built-in feature but i don’t want the touch screen option :/ shloan ya3ni? can’t they make one for me? lol

    • Unfortunately they can’t hehe I would’ve loved that option as well I love my Kindle Keyboard because the buttons are on the side and easier to deal with than a touch screen hehe but oh well! The price we pay for technology! :P

  2. you’re right! the side buttons are not the only thing i like about it, i love the fact that i’m reating it like a book, touching the screen and holding it without the worrying about messing up the page or changing something because i touched the screen :| plus i don’t really use the navigation buttons that much so i like that it doesn’t have a keyboard too ;p l