[Review] Snaprint: You Snap, We Print

September 11, 2012  |  Reviews

A while back I was given a sneak peak at a cool new website which is supposed to launch sometime during this next week called “Snaprint” it basically allows you to print the pictures that you snapped on either canvas or polaroids.  There is a tool that allows you to connect to your Instagram library so you can select photos from there or upload your own.

Using the website, creating an account, selecting the type of canvas or the number of polaroids was very simple and easy to do.  And if you ever feel lost you have Snappy right there in the sidebar showing you a description of how to do things.  I proceeded to select my canvas, I chose to go with an image I created on my computer (the higher the pixels and size of the picture the clearer it gets) and chose a couple of my Instagram shots to be printed as polaroids.

Within less than 2 working days I received my canvas with the polaroids.  Delivery for polaroids is usually set at a minimum of 6 hours to deliver whereas canvases take up to 2 working days.  Being that I was one of the selected few to review this place I received the package late last night.

Upon opening the polaroids package I was surprised at how they felt, they weren’t your typical standard vintage-polaroid material where you feel a matte surface instead they are printed on Z-Ink paper which has a shine to it.  Instagram photos with poor lighting will not look great, the richer the colors are and less washed out the better they will appear in print.  I was satisfied with my print out’s and immediately put them up on my photo wall in my bedroom.  After all, they are meant to be shown off.

The canvas was the last object which I proceeded to unpack and the one I was mostly shocked by! The quality of the printing was simply surreal every tiny bit was as clear as the actual digital file and it looked beautiful.  Pictures don’t do the piece justice because in reality it looks so much better.  I went with the one canvas rectangle shot which was the size of 45cm x 30cm with white border edges. Typically this will cost you 11 KD and if it was the only thing you will order then it would come out to be 13 KD with the 2 KD delivery charge.

You don’t believe how clear it was, check out this zoomed in shot at the laptop I have on the canvas.  It was simply amazing.

I feel so depressed that I don’t have enough wall space to fill them with a million canvases but I sure know that I will be using Snaprint again if not for its simplicity and great prices then for its cute mascot Snappy.  They should be up and running anytime these upcoming days and I can’t wait for you guys to experience the awesomeness of having one of your photos turned into a canvas!

One thing to note is that currently there is an issue when selecting pictures from your Instagram library they are only able to show you the 7 most recent pages of images you took.  If you wanted to navigate to older ones then it wouldn’t do that.  They are aware of the issue and are working on fixing it so why not select from the images already saved on your computer it’s faster than trying to go through all of the pictures you snapped on Instagram.

For the time being follow them on Instagram [@Snaprint] and on Twitter [@SnaprintKW] for future updates.

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  1. They actually contacted me 1 month ago o I totally forgot to reply back, damn that pregnancy brain :P

    They look beautiful … 3alech bel3afia :*