[Apple] iPod Lineup Updated with New Touch, Nano

September 12, 2012  |  Apple, New Products

The September 12 Apple Event did not stop at the announcement of the latest iPhone, it instead moved on to show the latest updates happening to the iPod line-up.  Of the entire iPod lineup the two devices which received a full new design were the iPod nanos and iPod touches.  The classic remains the same ever since a few years back and the iPod shuffle received a color update now available in 7 new colors for the price of $49.

Let’s get cracking to what’s new with each model.

iPod nano

The iPod nano received yet another re-designed structure veering off it’s old “shuffle-like” form and going into a more rectangular form that brings video back onto the device.  It features a new body which is 5.4 mm thin with a 2.5″ multi-touch display that is nearly twice as big as the previous nano display.  It has the new anodized aluminum design seen in the iPhone 5 and just looks pretty.

Video is back on the screen and you can watch whatever you’d like on it’s 2.5″ display, it also has Bluetooth technology that allows you to pair it with headphones and speakers.  Radio which has been available in the previous generation made it over to the newer model as well as the builtin pedometer with Nike+ support available out of the box.  The new “Lightning” connector made it over in which you can charge the beast although it already gives you 30 hours battery life to play music and 3.5 hours video playback.

This beast will cost you $149 (68 KD) and comes in 7 colors as well as the Product (RED) color.  Pre-ordering starts September 14, with shipping in October. [Pre-order here]

iPod touch

The next on the list which received a brand new redesign happened to be the iPod touch.  It is now thinner and lighter than the previous generations in which it measures 6.1 mm thick and weighs just 88 grams, makes it so cool to hold! Not only does it take the aluminum body from the iPod nano and iPhone 5 updates but it also has a 4″ Retina display similar to the one available on the iPhone 5.  The “iSight” camera has been updated with a 5-megapixel camera that shoots 1080p HD video and has the new Panaroma feature.  An addition of an LED flash is also seen not to mention a “loop” connector (that round silver thing on the back of the touch) which allows you to keep your touch always close to you.  The touch also sees an upgrade in its processor in the form of an A5 chip.

This bad boy will come in 5 colors as well as a Product (RED) model and prices start at $299 (84 KD) for the 32GB model.  Pre-ordering starts September 14, with shipping in October. [Pre-order Here]

With the availability of the latest 5th generation iPod touch comes the availability of the 4th generation at discounted prices.  You can now purchase the older models starting from $199 (56 KD) for the 16GB model and $249 (70 KD) for the 32GB model.

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