When a Sudden Trip Happens

September 24, 2012  |  My Life

I’ve been really quiet lately, not for the lack of information or stuff to write about but simply because I have had a lot on my plate.  There are a ton of posts available on my back burner waiting to be published, well I should get to publishing them this week but the whole point of this post was how ironic life has become for me.

A few weeks ago, I felt a tang of jealousy since I had completed a full year without travelling anywhere, and if you are like me and you have a ton of people on your Instagram account whether they are friends or family, you have probably seen their vacation trip photos plastered all over the place.  I felt a need to get a change of scenary but due to the circumstances of my job I am not able to go on leave or anything so I had to live vicariously through you and you and you.  Yes all of you who left this summer and had an amazing trip!

Lo and behold a week ago, a surprise happened, an emergency arose with one of my sisters (D) who is currently in the US completing her degree, she needed to have emergency medical attention and her usual caregivers (F) and Sister #4(N) were unavailable since (F) is now back in Kuwait and (N) is busy with schoolwork.  So the responsibilities fall back on the oldest sister, moi.

Now, due to the nature of this trip, it’s not going to be a vacation in a sense because trust me dealing with siblings is never a walk underneath the stars, but it will have to do for it since I will be hitting my usual spots New York City and Omaha for the duration of the next month.

Life is certainly crazy, craving a trip, receiving a lovely carry-on handbag from Ali Al-Ghanim & Sons as a gift, and then this suddenly happens.  God is listening to me I guess, in that case:

Dear God, I’d like to win the 500,000 KD from Gulf Bank’s Al-Danah.  Or the McLaren, whichever is easier. Xo xo, Jacqui

Enshalla everything turns out to be fine and the best thing apart from seeing my sisters (I am legally obligated to include that bit because if I don’t I get temper tantrums thrown all over the place) is that I will be in the US in time for the launch of the iPad mini (if all rumors are true it should launch in October) and I will stand in the freaking line at the 5th Avenue Store! Woot woot! But at the same time I will have pre-ordered it LOL! Crazy aren’t I?

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  1. have fun, and I hope everything works out and all. =)

  2. thats a very nice gift, very useful … wish u all the best in ur trip & too bad u won’t be here to attend the birth of my baby :(

    but you didn’t win the McLaren teee heeee heeee:P